That’s a Relief

Daily Best of the Web   —   Posted on December 10, 2014

The following is an excerpt from OpinionJournal’s “Best of the Web” at WSJ written by the editor, James Taranto.

That’s a Relief
“ISIS Has the Materials to Build a Dirty Bomb, but It’s Nothing to Worry About”—headline, Newsweek, Dec. 8

Shortest Books Ever Written
“What You Need to Know About Pluto Before New Horizons Probe Encounter”—headline, ChinaTopix, Dec. 9

Cause and Effect

  • “Nuts Get Their Due During Holidays”—headline, Tennessean, Dec. 8
  • “Korean Air VP Suffering From ‘Nut Rage’ Delays Flight Over Attendant’s Improper Snack Etiquette”—headline, National Post (Canada), Dec. 8

Bottom Stories of the Day
“Brett Favre in Green Bay, Not Expected at Packers-Falcons Game”—headline, Associated Press, Dec. 8

Naturally Dry

“Natural temperature swings in the ocean, not global warming, are driving California’s extreme drought, according to a new government study,” reports LiveScience .com.

What’s odd about this piece is the headline: “California Drought Linked to Natural Causes, Not Climate Change.” Seems to us this is a case of natural climate change—but apparently LiveScience has decided to use “climate change” only as a euphemism for anthropogenic global warming.

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