News of the Tautological

Daily Best of the Web   —   Posted on December 8, 2014

The following is an excerpt from OpinionJournal’s “Best of the Web” at WSJ written by the editor, James Taranto.

traffic-jams-35319_2News of the Tautological
“Scientists Show How Too Many Cars Lead to Spontaneous Traffic Jams”—headline, Boston .com, Dec. 4

What Would We Do Without Experts?
“Patient Experience Experts Agree: Replacing The Wrong Kneecap Isn’t Patient Satisfaction”—headline, Forbes .com, Nov. 29

Put Her In, Coach!
“Justice Ginsburg on Bench for Monday Arguments”—headline, Associated Press, Nov. 1

Poor Little Rich Country
“The Chinese economy just overtook the United States economy to become the largest in the world,” reports MarketWatch .com:

The International Monetary Fund recently released the latest numbers for the world economy. And when you measure national economic output in “real” terms of goods and services, China will this year produce $17.6 trillion—compared with $17.4 trillion for the U.S.A.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Beijing “called on rich nations to speed up delivery of the $100 billion in annual climate-related aid they’ve promised by 2020.” Maybe they should sent us aid instead.

To be sure, China’s population is some four times as large as America’s, so they’re far less prosperous when measured on a per capita basis. But then again, the cost of living is a lot higher here.

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