News of the Tautological

Daily Best of the Web   —   Posted on August 25, 2014

The following is an excerpt from’s “Best of the Web” written by the editor, James Taranto.

Out on a Limb
“The Islamic State’s Campaign of Terror Will Take More Than Words to Stop”–headline,Washington Post, Aug. 21

Promise Kept

  • “Obama, Outraged Over Beheading, Vows to Stay on Course”–headline, New York Times website (via NDTV .com), Aug. 20
  • “Obama Blasts Jihadis, Returns to Golf”–headline, New York Post, Aug. 20

Question and Answer–IV

  • “Why Wrigley Field Is Suddenly So Empty”–headline, The Wall Street Journal, Aug. 21
  • “Missing Cub Traced, May Find New Family Soon”–headline, Times of India, Aug. 13

News of the Tautological
“West’s Historic Drought Stokes Fears of Water Crisis”–headline, Washington Post, Aug. 18

Bottom Stories of the Day
“Tommy Lee Jones to Attend Santa Fe Film Festival”–headline, Associated Press, Aug. 18

Define ‘Diversity’
“Taney Little League, the Mid-Atlantic champion, plays an elimination game [in the Little League World Series] against Jackie Robinson West out of Chicago Thursday night, a game that will amount to The Diversity Bowl, one team (Chicago) being 100% African-American, and the other being predominantly African-American.”–Wayne Coffey, Daily News (New York), Aug. 21

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