Hillary and Bernie: A Look Back

Daily Best of the Web   —   Posted on March 15, 2016

Hillary and Bernie: A Look Back

The following is an excerpt from OpinionJournal’s “Best of the Web” at The Wall Street Journal written by the editor, James Taranto.

Out on a Limb
“Tuesday’s Republican Primaries Could Define Race—or Not”—headline, Associated Press, March 14

Hillary and Bernie: A Look Back
The New York Times’s Amy Chozick reports that Hillary Clinton took a shot at Bernie Sanders Saturday that ended up missing:

She said she has “a little chuckle to myself” when she thinks about the current debates over health care. “I don’t know,” Mrs. Clinton said. “Where was he when I was trying to get health care in ’93 and ’94?”

The answer: “Literally, standing right behind her,” a Sanders spokesman, Mike Casca, said on Twitter, posting a photo from a 1994 news conference that shows Mr. Sanders next to Mrs. Clinton when the then first lady spoke about the White House’s proposed health care overhaul.

Well, it’s not as if she has eyes in the back of her head. But if you play the C-Span footage, Mrs. Clinton says: “I am grateful to Congressman Sanders for joining us today, from Vermont.” Gilda Radner died in 1989, but Emily Litella lives.

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