Bottom Story of the Day

Daily Best of the Web   —   Posted on November 12, 2013

The following is an excerpt from’s “Best of the Web” written by the editor, James Taranto.

Bottom Story of the Day 
“McCain: No Plans to Run for White House”–headline, TheHill.White Housecom, Nov. 11

That’s Reassuring 
“Kerry: United States Not ‘Blind’ or ‘Stupid’ in Iran Talks”–headline, Reuters, Nov. 10

Margarine Is Better Than Nothing. Nothing Is Better Than Butter. Therefore, Margarine Is Better Than Butter. 
“John Kerry: No Deal With Iran Is Better Than a Bad Deal”–headline,, Nov. 10

We’re Surprised the Iranian Negotiators Even Drink 
“Iran Nuclear Talks May Need New Round–Diplomats”–headline, BBC website, Nov. 9

Longest Books Ever Written 
“What Greece Cannot Afford”–headline, New York Times, Nov. 9

Pardon His French 
“Eastern Michigan Fires Head Coach Ron English for Using ‘Inappropriate Language’ “–headline, Sports Illustrated website, Nov. 9

No End in Site 
“The Obama administration has updated a White House website that says its health care law allows people to keep their plans if they like them–but the website still maintains the language that Obamacare opponents have aggressively attacked the past few weeks,” Politico reports:

“If you like your plan you can keep it and you don’t have to change a thing due to the health care law,” the website still reads.

Last week we noted that the technical problems with ObamaCare go far beyond just “a website,” as it is typically framed. What’s not working is a complicated system of databases that have to work together to generate information not only for customers but for the insurers that are supposed to underwrite policies.

But it turns out it is also true that the White House is unable to maintain a mere website!

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