Links for all 50 states’ Election Board websites are provided below.  (Note:  Many states include information and/or links to candidates’ websites.)

Visit your state’s official election webpage.
1.  What requirements does a prospective candidate need to complete to have his/her name on the ballot in your state?
2. What type of information would you like to see on your state’s elections page? Send an email to your state’s Secretary of State with your suggestion. Identify yourself with your name, school and city. Be clear, concise and polite.


*Washington D.C. – NOTE: Voting rights of citizens in the District of Columbia differ from those of United States citizens in each of the fifty states. District of Columbia residents do not have voting representation in the United States Senate, but D.C. is entitled to three electoral votes for President. In the U.S. House of Representatives, the District is entitled to a delegate, who is not allowed to vote on the floor of the House, but can vote on procedural matters and in House committees. (from wikipedia)