1. In an article on the crisis in Ukraine this week, the Associated Press reported that an increasing number of  Russian troops are moving into Crimea, Ukraine. Though none have insignia that identify them as Russian, the AP said they were Russian and gave all but which one of the following reasons for the assertion?
a) An AP reporter trailed one military convoy to a military airfield at Gvardeiskoe north of Simferopol, Crimea. A Russian flag flew over the airfield.
b) Though none of the soldiers appeared to have identifying badges or insignia, they all wore t-shirts with the slogan “Long live Putin”
c) Some of the vehicles in a military convoy an AP reporter followed had Russian license plates and numbers indicating that they were from the Moscow region.
d) A commander of a Ukrainian base in Sevastopol said that troops who tried to overrun his base were clearly Russian that “They spoke with Russian accents and they didn’t hide their allegiance to the Russian Federation.”

2. In response to Western leaders urging Russia to meet with the new Ukrainian authorities, Russian President Vladimir Putin:
a) refused to meet the new Ukrainian leaders, denouncing the change of power in Ukraine as an “unconstitutional coup”
b) said that Moscow has the right to determine the region’s status and henceforth Crimea will become a part of Russia, no debate allowed
c) mocked the naivety and weakness of Western leaders in a speech from the Kremlin, calling them a bunch of “girlie-men”
d) agreed that was a good idea and he was ready to meet the new leaders and even help them with the upcoming elections

3. Yik Yak is a Twitter-like app launched a few months ago that lets kids post anonymous comments to users in a 5- or 10-mile radius. Developers said they designed the app for:
a) middle school students who love to talk
b) users college-age and above
c) high school administrators
d) senior citizens as a way to connect with their grandchildren

4. Officials in Chicago-area high schools say they are concerned with students’ use of the app because some students use the service to threaten and malign others. One principal said many of the comments are “negative” and “mean-spirited.” Various principals are attempting to end students’ use of the app by doing all but:
a) asking parents to remove the app from their children’s phones and make sure the teens don’t reinstall it
b) working with district attorneys and local law enforcement to see what recourse, if any, the school had against users who post harmful comments and disrupt the educational setting
c) meeting with the school’s student council, which agreed to launch a campaign against using the app
d) confiscating all student phones with the promise they will return them on the last day of school

5. The Israeli military seized weapons from a vessel intercepted in the Red Sea last week. The weapons were sent from the Iranian government to militants in the Gaza Strip. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu offered the following evidence to prove that the ship’s cargo was from Iran:
a) Israeli intelligence “exposed the ship’s wayward route and Iran’s efforts to disguise it” and US intelligence has “verified all these facts”
b) a bill of lading showing that the cargo was shipped from Bandar Abbas in Iran to Umm Qasr in Iraq, saying this document was clear evidence that the containers of ammunition and weapons were loaded in Iran
c) everyone knows Iran wants to destroy Israel and all Israelis
d) the weapons were hidden under sacks of cement which had the names of two Iranian cement companies written across each bag

6. The Iranian government responded to Israel’s accusation that it had sent the weapons by:
a) denying any involvement with the shipment
b) admitting that it wanted to help Hamas destroy Israel
c) ignoring the accusation
d) sending a second shipment of weapons to Hamas

7. As of this year, over 16% of German companies generate their own electricity because of increased electricity costs due to:
a) the cold winter weather this year
b) the increase in the number of employees who charge their smart phones and ipads from work
c) a 22% government-mandated levy on all electricity bills to fund renewable-energy sources
d) the increased use of coal to power electric plants

8. The German government is promoting the use of renewable energy sources because:
a) it is being paid to do so by the renewable energy companies
b) it says they are much cheaper to use
c) it plans on eliminating the use of nuclear power within the next eight years and most fossil fuels by 2050
d) it says the German economy will grow by switching to all renewable energy sources

9. Most of the passengers on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 that disappeared on Saturday were from:
a) Malaysia
b) Indonesia
c) China
d) the U.S.

10. Speculation as to the possible cause of the plane’s disappearance include all but:
a) terrorism
b) pilot error
c) mechanical failure
d) a disgruntled employee

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