1. Traditionally, the majority of each week’s NFL games are played on Sunday afternoon, with weekly games on all but ________________________.
a) Sunday night
b) Monday night
c) Thursday night
d) Saturday afternoon

2. Many NFL players are opposed to the addition of Thursday night games because:
a) they think it jeopardizes player safety
b) they don’t get paid extra money for the games
c) not as many people watch Thursday night games
d) they only like playing weekend games

3. Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked more documents this week, these latest showing that the NSA and its British counterpart the GCHQ have been spying on gamers by sending undercover agents into virtual universes to monitor activity in online fantasy games such as:
a) Pong
b) Minecraft
c) Just Dance
d) World of Warcraft

4. The NSA and GCHQ conducted this spying program because they have been concerned for a long time that such games serve as a good cover for terrorists or criminals who could use in-game messaging systems to:
a) quit their lives of crime
b) steal identities of other gamers
c) denounce Islamic terrorism
d) none of the above

5. In addition to teens, players of the game most targeted by the NSA included __________________, according to one of the leaked NSA documents.
a) embassy drivers
b) the military
c) scientists
d) all of the above

6. The New York City Board of Health voted unanimously this week to mandate ___________________ for children attending a NYC preschool or daycare.
a) polio vaccines
b) flu vaccines
c) vaccines for the common cold
d) hepatitis B vaccines

7. Parents can get an exemption from the new vaccine mandate by doing all but:
a) they object based on their opposition to “government overreach” 
b) their child has an allergy to the vaccine
c) they send their child to a preschool or daycare outside of New York City
d) they object on religious grounds

7. The ways parents can get an exemption from the new vaccine mandate include all but:
a) objecting based on their opposition to “government overreach”
b) providing documentation that the child is allergic to the vaccine
c) sending their child to a preschool or daycare outside of New York City
d) objecting on religious grounds

8. A ________________________ is the area of seabed around a large landmass where the sea is relatively shallow compared with the open ocean. Under the UN Law of the Sea, the name was given a legal definition as the stretch of the seabed adjacent to the shores of a particular country to which it belongs.
a) archipelago
b) continental shelf
c) seawall
d) North Pole

9. Canada last week applied to extend its seabed claims in the Atlantic Ocean. It will soon submit a claim that the outer limits of the country’s continental shelf include _____________________.
a) the North Pole
b) Antartica
c) Russia
d) Santa’s workshop

10. The five countries with territories near the Arctic Circle which are currently allotted under international law 200 nautical miles from their northern coasts are: the United States, Canada, ______________, ______________ and ______________:
a) Denmark, Norway and Russia
b) Sweden, Russia and The Netherlands
c) Finland, Denmark and Norway
d) Antartica, Russia and Denmark

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