1.  _______________ annual meetings opened at the U.N. this week.
a)  U.N. Security Council
b)  U.N. General Assembly
c)  U.N. Human Rights Commission
d)  U.N. Human Rights Council

2.  What issue is not expected to be emphasized by industrialized nations at the U.N. meetings?
a)  the need for debt relief for developing countries
b)  terrorism
c)  nuclear proliferation
d)  universal human rights

3.  What was the main reason that General Motors workers went on strike this week?
a)  higher wages
b)  job security
c)  health benefits
d)  vacation time

4.  General Motors currently pays ___________ in health-care expenses for retirees and their family members.
a)  $5 million
b)  $51 million
c)  $5 billion
d)  $51 billion

5.  Which European country is leading the drive for U.N. member states to support a resolution declaring a moratorium on the death penalty?
a)  France
b)  Poland
c)  Italy
d)  Germany

6.  Which European Union member state went against the E.U. consensus on the issue of the death penalty this month?
a)  Great Britain
b)  Germany
c)  France
d)  Poland

7.  For what reason did Burmese citizens begin protesting in that country last month?
a)  the government doubled gasoline prices
b)  the military shot and killed several Buddhist monks
c)  to demand free and fair elections
d)  to urge the ruling junta to give up power peacefully and allow the elected leader, Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, to govern the country

8.  What are some human rights advocates supporting, in the wake of the Burmese government’s violent crackdown on peaceful protesters?
a)  sending U.N. troops into Burma to protect the people
b)  supplying the Buddhist monks with arms and ammunition to defend themselves against the military
c)  lifting sanctions imposed against Burma by the U.S. and the U.K.
d)  boycotting the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing

9.  Which part of the U.S. Citizenship Exam has been recently revised?
a)  the English portion
b)  the civics portion
c)  the interview
d)  the pledge of allegiance

10. Why has the U.S. Citizenship Exam been revised?
a)  to make it more difficult
b)  to ensure that applicants have an advanced knowledge of English
c)  to ensure that applicants have an understanding of the fundamental meaning of being an American
d)  to ensure that applicants have a knowledge of U.S. historical facts

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