PART 1.  Match the following world leaders mentioned in the Daily News Articles this week with the countries they govern:

1.  __________________ Robert Mugabe

2.  __________________ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

3.  __________________ Donald Tusk

4.  __________________ Vaclav Klaus

5.  __________________ Angela Merkel

6.  __________________ Vladimir Putin

7.  __________________ Dmitry Medvedev

8.  __________________ Bertie Ahern

9.  __________________ Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

10. __________________ Dalai Lama

a) Iran
b) Russia
c) Ireland
d) Iran
e) The Czech Republic
f) Poland
g) Germany
h) Tibet
i) Russia
j) Zimbabwe

PART 2.  Circle the correct answer:
(There are 2 questions from each of this week’s articles.)

11.  Critics believe that Robert Mugabe’s regime has a long record of running free and fair elections/fixing election results.

12.  Robert Mugabe’s party generally wins the majority of votes in rural/urban areas of the country.

13.  Tibetan advocacy groups want President Bush to boycott the Olympic Games/the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing this year.

14.  Tibetans are hoping to force the Chinese government to address the issue of human rights/unemployment in Tibet by bringing world attention to their plight through the Olympics.

15.  Vladimir Putin/George Bush strongly supports inviting Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO.

16.  The U.S./Russia is not a member of NATO.

17.  Prime Minister Bertie Ahern was known for record economic growth/creating a financial crisis while in office.

18.  Prime Minister Ahern resigned in the wake of an inquiry into his incompetence/financial corruption while in office.

19.  The declassified portion of the most recent National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) stated that in the Fall of 2003, Iran halted/expanded its nuclear weapons program.

20.  Intelligence officials are now stressing that Iran is continuing to work on aspects of a nuclear weapons/nuclear energy program.

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