1.  A Pentagon study released recently showed direct links between Saddam Hussein and:
a)  Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Hamas
b)  Hamas and al Qaeda
c)  al Qaeda and the families of Palestinian suicide bombers
d)  al Qaeda and Egyptian Islamic Jihad

2.  Egyptian Islamic Jihad:
a)  has no connection to al Qaeda
b)  was founded by Zawahri who later merged the group with al Qaeda
c)  is an Islamic humanitarian organization
d)  is a secular humanitarian organization

3.  A U.S.-based Internet company has suspended access to a Web site on which controversial Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders was planning to post a short film:
a)  critical of the Catholic church
b)  mocking the religion of Islam
c)  examining links between Islamic terrorism and the Koran
d)  criticizing the Israeli government for its stance on the Palestinians

4.  The Dutch government:
a)  supports Geert Wilders’ efforts to publicize the truth as he sees it
b)  vocally defends Geert Wilders’ right to free speech and to publish his opinion in his film
c)  has prohibited Mr. Wilders from making the movie
d)  has publicly distanced itself from Mr. Wilders’ movie

5.  Who is the spiritual leader of Tibet?
a)  Mao Tse Tung
b)  the Dalai Lama
c)  Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj
d)  Hare Krishna

6.  How did the recent unrest begin in Tibet?
a)  It began when Tibetans protested the carrying of the Olympic torch through the capital
b)  It began when Tibetans protested China’s denial of their request to have a Tibetan torch bearer
c)  It began when hundreds of monks demonstrated in Lhasa to protest the high prices of gasoline
d)  It began when hundreds of monks demonstrated in Lhasa to mark the 49th anniversary of China’s dominance of Tibet

7.  Lee Myung-bak is South Korea’s new _________________ president.
a)  communist
b)  socialist
c)  liberal
d)  conservative

8.  South Korea’s new government has taken a tough stand on North Korea’s nuclear program and its _________________
a)  human rights abuses
b)  invitation to have the New York Philharmonic play in Pyongyang
c)  counterfeiting of U.S. dollars
d)  blocking of North Korean tourists from traveling to South Korea

9.  U.S. officials have reported recently that China has ____________ ballistic missiles targeting Taiwan
a)  14
b)  140
c)  1,400
d)  14,000

10. Which one of the following has Taiwan’s newly elected President  said he will do? 
a)  use military force to gain independence from China
b)  propose a peace agreement with China
c)  seek independence for Taiwan
d)  seek unification with China

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