1.  What type of government/economy did Tanzania have for decades that was a failure?
a)  socialist
b)  communist
c)  capitalist
d)  Marxist

2.  Where is Tanzania?
a)  it is an island off the coast of Australia
b)  in Asia
c)  in Africa
d)  in Eastern Europe

3.  What was the main topic of the meeting this week between President Bush and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk?
a)  U.S. plans to defend Poland in the event of an attack from Russia
b)  increasing the number of Poles permitted to emigrate to the U.S. each year
c)  a student exchange program
d)  a U.S. missile defense system to be established in Poland

4.  Which country’s government strongly opposes the U.S. plans for a missile defense system in Poland?
a)  the Czech Republic
b)  Russia
c)  Poland
d)  Kosovo

5.  From which annual report did the U.S. State Department remove China’s name from the list of top offenders?
a)  environment
b)  terrorism
c)  human rights
d)  trade violations

6.  Which of the following is believed to be a reason for the State Department’s decision to remove China from the list of top offenders in its report?
a)  the Chinese government has agreed to crack down on factories making counterfeit copies of American DVDs and handbags
b)  as a good-will gesture toward China because of the 2008 Summer Olympics to be held this year in Beijing
c)  the Chinese government has agreed to inspect all of its pharmaceutical factories to ensure they meet all safety regulations
d)  the Chinese government threatened to destroy U.S. satellites if the U.S. did not do so

7.  Which area was not mentioned by Palestinian scholar Mhammed Dajani as one he hopes to impact with his book that uses verses from the Koran that call for moderation?
a)  mosque preachers whose sermons have become politicized
b)  an educational curriculum that promotes jihad
c)  the media
d)  members of the Palestinian Authority government

8.  What is Mr. Dajani’s opinion of Palestinian political opponents Fatah and Hamas?
a)  they are not concerned with creating a culture of peace but rather a culture of conflict
b)  both groups should be removed from power immediately
c)  they are a unifying force in the Palestinians’ struggle for peace
d)  they are doing the best they can to establish peace in Palestinian society

9.  What has the Israeli government accused Al Jazeera of doing?
a)  reporting favorably on the Iraq war
b)  slanting their news reports in favor of Hamas
c)  giving biased reports in favor of the Israeli army
d)  refusing to interview Israeli government officials

10.  Which country’s government is a major funder of Al Jazeera?
a)  Saudi Arabia
b)  Lebanon
c)  Qatar
d)  Kuwait

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