1.  Beginning this week the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is requiring that U.S. and Canadian citizens 19 and older who enter the U.S. from Canada to
a)  present proof of identity
b)  present proof of citizenship
c)  present proof of identity and citizenship
d)  present a valid driver’s license

2.  Until the new Homeland Security policy was enacted this week, U.S. and Canadian citizens entering the U.S. from Canada were required to:
a)  present proof of citizenship only
b)  state verbally that they were citizens of Canada or the U.S.
c)  present proof of identity
d)  present a valid driver’s license for every occupant in the car

3.  Monday night’s State of the Union address was the last one President Bush will make because
a)  his speeches are not well-received by the news media
b)  this is the last year of his presidency
c)  he said he is tired of giving televised speeches and will submit them in written form in the future
d)  he has been asked by the Republican presidential candidates to refrain from giving any more speeches

4.  In his State of the Union address, President Bush announced a crackdown on pork-barrel spending. Another name for this Congressional spending procedure is:
a)  earmarks
b)  pig’s knuckles
c)  appropriations
d)  patronage

5.  The current violence in Kenya originated last month because of:
a)  rising food prices
b)  rising gas prices
c)  high unemployment
d)  suspicion that the presidential election was rigged

6.  Kenya’s two biggest sources of income are:
a)  tourism and diamond mining
b)  diamond mining and safaris
c)  tourism and flower exports
d)  oil and tourism

7.  During a routine destruction of an al Qaeda explosives cache in Iraq this week, 24 soldiers and their 2 interpreters were exposed to:
a)  carbon dioxide
b)  mustard gas
c)  sarin
d)  chlorine gas

8.  The gas the soldiers were exposed to in Iraq was in a metal cylinder they were destroying, believing it to contain
a)  explosives for IEDs
b)  shrapnel
c)  gunpowder
d)  propane

9.  Which one of the following is not a reason for the British government’s pursuit of alternative energy sources?
a)  to reduce or eliminate the need for oil, which is obtained mainly from unstable regions in the Middle East and Russia
b)  to make environmentalists happy by drastically reducing the use of oil and gas
c)  to comply with a European Commission to cut carbon-dioxide emissions and to drastically increase its use of renewable energy
d)  to reduce the use of fossil fuels, which some believe will cause catastrophic climate change

10.  Which of the following forms of energy is not being considered by the British government as a large scale alternative to oil and gas?
a)  wind turbines
b)  solar panels
c)  nuclear power plants
d)  (a mostly) hydrogen gas extracted from coal

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