1.  What was the name of Veterans Day until President Eisenhower renamed it Veterans Day in 1954?
a)  Memorial Day
b)  Armed Forces Day
c)  Armistice Day
d)  Patriots Day

2.  What is the purpose of Veterans Day?
a)  to honor conscientious objectors to war
b)  to honor those who have died on the battlefield
c)  to honor soldiers who fought in WWI
d)  to honor those who have served in the armed forces

3.  Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton said this week that the only two options the U.S. has to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons are:
a)  force a regime change or use military force
b)  force a regime change or bomb all of Iran’s major cities
c)  initiate negotiations with Iran or use military force
d)  initiate negotiations with Iran or impose sanctions

4.  Which of the following is not a reason Mr. Bolton gave for saying that the Bush administration’s diplomacy has failed in dealing with Iran and North Korea?
a)  the Iraq war has kept President Bush from paying attention to his policy of confronting rogue dictators pursuing nuclear weapons
b)  Secretary of State Rice is an ineffective negotiator
c)  Secretary of State Rice has failed to stand up to the persistence of the State Department bureaucracy
d)  a culture of liberal European-influenced appeasement is prevalent at the State Department

5.  Which U.S. company settled a lawsuit this week with two Chinese journalists who were jailed due to the company’s actions?
a)  Google
b)  Cisco
c)  Yahoo
d)  Microsoft

6.  In order to continue doing business in China, what did the U.S. company do that caused the Chinese journalists to be arrested?
a)  it gave the Chinese government confidential information that allowed the police to track down the two men who had been writing pro-democracy articles anonymously
b)  it gave the Chinese government a discounted rate
c)  it gave the Chinese government information on two men who had been bribing company executives
d)  all of the above

7.  For what reason did the Bush administration add more than $500 million in aid for Mexico to a pending $196 war-funding bill?
a)  to pay for medical care for families of illegal immigrants who were left behind in Mexico
b)  to fund an auto insurance program for the Mexican trucking companies that will begin operating in the U.S.
c)  to fund Mexico’s anti-narcotics program, including purchase of military equipment and other law enforcement tools to combat escalating drug violence
d)  to revive the Mexican economy so that jobs could be created for Mexicans in the U.S. illegally who wish to return home permanently

8.  How much money does the Mexican government typically receive per year for this program?
a)  $4 million
b)  $14 million
c)  $45 million
d)  $145 million

9.  Which of the following senators is not running for president in the 2008 election?
a)  Sen. John Edwards
b)  Sen. Ted Kennedy
C)  Sen. Joe Biden
d)  Sen. Chris Dodd

10. In this week’s Democratic presidential debate, which candidate said he would not agree to support whomever became the Democratic nominee (unless they oppose war as an instrument of policy)?
a)  Governor Bill Richardson
b)  Sen. Joe Biden
c)  Sen. Barack Obama
d)  Rep. Dennis Kucinich

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