DIRECTIONS:  Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement.  Rewrite each false statement to make it true. 

1.  _______________ The Muslim American Society has taken credit for helping to elect Virginia Republicans (Senator) Jim Webb and (Governor) Tim Kaine.

2.  _______________ The Muslim American Society is working this year to get candidates elected to office in states where Muslims are a large concentration of the population.

3.  _______________ The summit between North Korea and South Korea this week was significant because it was only the second time leaders from these two countries met since the end of the Korean war.

4.  _______________ South Korean President Roh vowed to force Kim Jong-il to focus on the issue of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program during the summit.

5.  _______________ Gazprom is a privately owned gas company in Russia that supplies gas to many countries in Europe.

6.  _______________ Gazprom has threatened to cut gas supplies to Ukraine because the Russian government is unhappy with the outcome of the Ukrainian election.

7.  _______________ The Supreme Court has agreed to rule on the Illinois voter ID law that requires residents to show a photo ID card when voting.

8.  _______________ Any Indiana resident can obtain a free ID card from the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles after showing a birth certificate or another form of acceptable identification.

9.  _______________ Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf took control of Pakistan eight years ago after a military coup.

10. _______________ Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was forced to leave Pakistan eight years ago after she lost her bid for re-election.

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