1.  Which of the following is true of Louisiana’s newly elected governor Bobby Jindal?
a)  he will be the youngest current sitting governor
b)  he is the first Indian-American to be elected governor of Louisiana
c)  he won over 50% of the votes
d)  all of the above

2.  Bobby Jindal holds conservative positions on:
a)  abortion
b)  taxes
c)  gun rights
d)  all of the above

3.  President Bush presented Lt. Michael P. Murphy’s parents this week with the ________________, the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force.
a)  the Purple Heart
b)  the Medal of Honor
c)  the Silver Star
d)  the Distinguished Service Medal

4.  Lt. Michael P. Murphy was a Navy SEAL who sacrificed his life trying to save his comrades two years ago in _____________
a)  Afghanistan
b)  Pakistan
c)  Iraq
d)  Iran

5.  President Bush says that a U.S. missile-defense system in Europe is urgently needed to thwart the threat of nuclear attack by ____________
a)  Russia
b)  Pakistan
c)  Iran
d)  North Korea

6.  The U.S. plans to install the Missile-defense system in ___________ and ___________.
a)  Poland and Russia
b)  the Czech Republic and Poland
c)  the Czech Republic and Russia
d)  Russia and Iran

7.  The U.S. and Great Britain this week supported Turkish incursions into Iraq because:
a)  the Kurds insist that they will have their own country someday
b)  the PKK aired a video of Turkish soldiers it abducted in raids earlier this week
c)  the Turks do not like the Iraqis
d)  the Turks have vowed to bring permanent peace to Iraq

8.  The U.S. has labeled the Kurdish separatist group PKK as  
a)  freedom fighters
b)  insurgents
c)  militants
d)  terrorists

9.  As a way of allaying Moscow’s suspicions that the Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system it is establishing in Europe poses a threat to Russia, the U.S.
a)  has offered (with Czech consent) to allow the Russians to monitor the installation of the  radar station that is part of the BMD
b)  has assured Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia has nothing to worry about
c)  has consented to Russia’s offer to put the radar station in Russia
d)  has told the Russian government that they should mind their own business

10. Many Czech citizens who supported the radar station installation will be opposed to a Russian monitoring group because
a)  they speak a different language
b)  the Russians assert too much authority in Europe
c)  the Soviet military occupied Czechoslovakia for 23 years
d)  the Russians said they will not leave once the radar station is installed

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