1.  Facebook’s new Timeline system is a digital diary capable of documenting and storing almost every detail of a user’s life — forever.  Founder Mark Zuckerberg describes Facebook’s new Timeline system as:
a)  “the modern Big Brother”
b)  “the death of privacy”
c)  “the story of your life”
d)  “Facebook’s bread and butter”

2.  Brian Cooley, editor of CNET tech media website says Facebook’s goal for its Timeline is to:
a)  encourage competition in the marketplace
b)  ensure that Facebook becomes the only site we use
c)  encourage competitors Google, Yahoo etc. to become more innovative
d)  share the wealth and pay their fair share

3.  Benefits of Japan’s minicar include all but which one?
a)  increased fuel efficiency
b)  easier to maneuver in Japan’s crowded streets
c)  lower automobile taxes
d)  lower gas price per gallon

4.  Thirty-three percent of vehicles sold in Japan are minicars.  As Toyota launches its minicar in Japan, it joins competitors ________ and _______ in the market.
a)  Volkswagon and BMW
b)  Ford and Chrysler
c)  Hyundai and Kia
d)  Nissan and Honda

5.  If passed, Chicago’s proposed law to ban talking on a phone or texting while cycling will join laws that already prohibit:
a)  texting or surfing the web while driving
b)  talking on a cell phone while driving
c)  both a) and b)
d)  neither a) nor b)

6.  Which of the following was NOT given as a reason for the proposed Chicago law by its supporters?
a)  cyclists who text while in traffic are distracted
b)  could contribute to safer bike lanes
c)  if motorists are prohibited from using cell phones and texting, cyclists should be also
d)  will reduce the number of fatalities caused by cyclists using cell phones

7.  The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947 in caves in the Judean desert on the shores of the Dead Sea. They are almost _______ years old.
a)  60
b)  200
c)  2,000
d)  20 million

8.  The Dead Sea Scrolls are the oldest known biblical manuscripts in existence.  Most of the scrolls are __________________
a)  parchment or specially prepared animal skins
b)  cloth
c)  papyrus
d)  stone carvings

9.  Herman Cain is a conservative candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.
Mr. Cain thinks a large majority of black Americans always vote Democratic because they:
a)  they always support Democratic views on the issues
b)  they don’t understand what the Democratic Party stands for
c)  “have been brainwashed” into not even considering a conservative point of view
d)  Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat

10. Mr. Cain thinks at least one-third of black Americans will vote for him because:
a)  he is black
b)  he thinks they will like where he stands on the issues
c)  he has never held political office before; he is not one of the establishment
d)  he has more experience than Barack Obama

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