1. Last Friday, _____________________ conducted its fifth and biggest nuclear test and said it had mastered the ability to mount a warhead on a ballistic missile.
a) Iran
b) North Korea
c) South Korea
d) Russia

2. _____________________, in Laos after a summit of Asian leaders, said Kim Jong Il was showing “maniacal recklessness” in completely ignoring the world’s call to abandon his pursuit of nuclear weapons.
a) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
b) Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei
c) U.S. President Barack Obama
d) South Korean President Park Geun-hye

3. The _____________________ National Museum of African American History and Culture will open on the Mall in Washington D.C. this month. Historian and founding director of the museum Lonnie Bunch stresses that the museum NOT intended to be the National Museum of Discrimination. Mr. Bunch said, “For me, the African American experience is an experience not of tragedy, but of unbelievable belief — belief in themselves, belief in an America that often didn’t believe in them.”
a) British Museum’s
b) Smithsonian’s
c) Museum of Modern Art’s
d) Louvre’s

4. In addition to Mr. Bunch, civil rights icon _____________________ was instrumental/responsible for getting this museum commissioned. Mr. Lewis’ hope for the museum is “that it will make America a better country, and make our people a better people.”
a) John Lewis
b) Lennox Lewis
c) Carl Lewis
d) Kanye West

5. New Hampshire officials went before a federal appeals court this week in an attempt to persuade the court that a 2014 law banning voters from posting online photos of their ballots on election day does not violate the U.S. right to:
a) free speech
b) freedom of the press
c) vote
d) freedom of religion

6. In 2014, in response to a growing trend of voters taking selfies with their filled-in ballots and posting them on social media sites, the state passed a law banning the practice. The state argued that having the right to take a photo of a filled-in ballot and post it publicly risks a return to the problem of:
a) voter apathy
b) vote rigging
c) vote buying
d) embarrassing Facebook photos

7. Uber’s partially self-driving car began accepting passengers in _____________________ this week, in a test for the ride-hailing service as it seeks to develop a fleet of autonomous vehicles that could someday ferry passengers around crowded cities.
a) Chicago
b) Los Angeles
c) Pittsburgh
d) Dallas

8. The city Uber chose to test drive its self-driving cars has a combination of many types of challenges which have caused trouble for self-driving vehicles, including all but:
a) flat streets laid out in a grid
b) snow and ice in the winter
c) steep and narrow streets
d) bridges, pedestrians, bicyclists

9. This week, the U.S. and Israel signed a landmark agreement that will give Israel $38 billion in military assistance over the next decade, the largest such aid package in U.S. history. The three main provisions contained in the agreement will allow Israel, Washington’s chief Middle East ally, to do all but:
a) use drone strikes to take out known terrorists in the Gaza Strip
b) improve its ground forces’ mobility
c) strengthen its missile defense systems
d) upgrade most of its fighter aircraft

10. President Obama wanted a new deal with Israel before his presidency ends, seeing it as an important part of:
a) Israel’s long-term security
b) stability in the Middle East
c) his legacy
d) establishing good relations with Iran

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