1.  After six years, a Florida state Senator was finally able to pass his:
a)  Pull Your Pants Up law
b)  Put a Belt On law
c)  Don’t Dress Like a Thug law
d)  Dress for Success law

2.  Under the Senator’s law, public school students who don’t comply will:
a)  receive an automatic 6 month prison term
b)  be arrested
c)  be forced to walk around the school wearing a sign that reads: “I let my boxers show”
d)  face three days in-school suspension and up to 30 days suspension from extracurricular activities

3.  Those who support separate classes for boys and girls say the classes:
a)  are a good way to promote segregation
b)  are not successful because parents don’t support them
c)  provide a better learning environment for students
d)  save school districts money

4.  Schools that offer separate classes for boys and girls report all but which one of the following results:
a)  more lively back-and-forth between teachers and their students
b)  more attentive students
c)  better test scores for boys
d)  fewer disruptions in class

5.  China has started construction of a new airport that will be approximately the size of:
a)  Hawaii
b)  Bermuda
c)  Aruba
d)  Rhode Island

6.  The majority of traffic traveling through Beijing’s new Daxing Airport will be:
a)  domestic travelers
b)  exchange students
c)  international travelers
d)  Communist Party members

7.  Last month, the _________________ nation ousted from their tribe thousands of descendants of black slaves who were owned by tribe members.
a)  Iroquois
b)  Sioux
c)  Crow
d)  Cherokee

8.  In response to the federal government’s opposition to the ousting of the Freedmen, the tribe’s acting principal chief:
a)  said they would reconsider their decision at their next meeting
b)  said they would not be governed by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs
c)  said they agree with the government
d)  said they don’t care what the government thinks because they get the majority of their funds through casinos

9.  Approximately _________% of Americans have at least one tattoo.
a)  4%
b)  14%
c)  44%
d)  84%

10. Reasons given for wanting to remove tattoos included all but which one:
a)  their mothers told them to do so
b)  want to free up space to get new and better tattoos
c)  want to set a good example for their kids
d)  no longer dating/love the person whose name they tattooed on their body

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