1.  The drop in the unemployment rate noted in the most recent jobs report is bad news because:
a)  it means less people are out of work
b)  it means more people stopped looking for work
c)  it means more people found good jobs
d)  it means those who are no longer counted didn’t really need a job anyway
2.  Last Friday’s jobs report also noted that the number of consecutive months in which unemployment has exceeded 8 percent is:
a)  3
b)  12
c)  23
d)  43
3.  This week, the New York Police Department (NYPD) honored police officers who were killed ______________ with a social-media campaign that details their sacrifice.
a)  in the line of duty
b)  in Afghanistan
c)  on 9/11
d)  in hit and run accidents
4.  In addition to memorial facebook pages, the NYPD sent out _____________________ about each officer to honor their sacrifice.
a)  tweets
b)  inter-office memos
c)  letters of condolence
d)  faxes
5.  On 9/11 in Egypt, Islamist protesters attacked the American embassy in Cairo, tore down the American flag and replaced it with the Islamic black flag that read:
a)  “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger”
b)  “Obama! Obama! We are all Osama!”
c)  “Death to America and the Jews”
d)  “Can’t we all just get along?”
6.  In Libya on 9/11, Islamist protesters:
a)  demanded that President Obama apologize in person for America’s lack of sensitivity to their feelings
b)  held a candlelight vigil for the latest al-Qaeda leader who had been killed
c)  staged a sit-in to bring awareness to the hurt they felt over the movie made in the U.S. about Mohammed
d)  attacked the U.S. consulate in a coordinated attack and killed four Americans
7.  Researchers at North Carolina State University have found a way to control the movements of cockroaches. Their goal is to use them to: 
a)  give the public a positive impression of these plentiful insects
b)  help locate people trapped in collapsed buildings
c)  conduct races to accurately record the top speed at which roaches can travel
d)  bring supplies to people trapped in rubble after an earthquake
8.  In an earthquake recovery situation, live roaches do a better job than robots because the __________________ a similar sized robot would need would be too large to allow it to squeeze through tightly packed rubble in the aftermath of a building collapse. 
a)  battery
b)  first aid kit
c)  GPS tracking device
d)  can of bug spray
9.  A new study from Stanford University researchers, comparing organically grown food to non-organic, found that:
a)  foods grown organically are much more nutritious than foods grown with pesticides
b)  foods grown using pesticides are much more nutritious than foods grown organically
c)  there isn’t much difference in nutritional value between food grown organically and food that isn’t
d)  organic food is a lot less expensive than non-organic food
10.  The Stanford University researchers also found that:
a)  there is little evidence to show that foods grown using pesticides posed greater health risks than food grown organically
b)  any amount of pesticide in food is extremely dangerous to a person’s health
c)  foods grown using pesticides pose a dangerous health risk to humans
d)  the taste of organically grown food is much better than non-organic food
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