DIRECTIONS: Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement. Rewrite each false statement to make it true. (10 points each)

1.  __________________ The “Restoring Honor” rally held this past Saturday in Washington D.C. took place at the foot of the Jefferson Memorial.

2.  __________________ The “Restoring Honor” rally held in Washington D.C. was organized by talk show host Jon Stewart.

3.  __________________ Two men arrested in Amsterdam this week on suspicion of plotting terrorist activity had both changed their flight destinations in Chicago from separate international countries to the Netherlands.

4.  __________________ Although suspicious of the two men, U.S. authorities did not arrest them in Chicago because none of the items found on the men or in their luggage violated U.S. security rules.

5.  __________________ President Obama addressed the nation this week to announce an end to combat operations in Iraq.

6.  __________________ The President also used his address to the American people this week to discuss the economy.

7.  __________________ Approximately 2,000 people have been displaced as a result of the severe flooding in Pakistan last month.

8.  __________________ Charities linked to terrorist organizations have been providing aid to Pakistani flood victims in an effort to build inroads with the community.

9.  __________________ During the first meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian President Benjamin Netanyahu the two leaders agreed to meet again approximately every two weeks.

10. __________________ One of the greatest obstacles blocking a permanent peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians is Hamas’ opposition to negotiating with Israel.

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1. false – replace “Jefferson Memorial” with “Lincoln Memorial”

2. false – replace “Jon Stewart” with “Glenn Beck”

3. true

4. false – replace “they were afraid of being sued for profiling suspicious Middle Eastern men” with “none of the items found on the men or in their luggage violated U.S. security rules”

5. true

6. true

7. false – replace “2,000” with “20 million”

8. true

9. false – replace “Israeli Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas” with “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu” and “Palestinian President Benjamin Netanyahu” with “Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas”

10. true