DIRECTIONS: Fill in the blanks.

1.  After the two major terrorist attacks on Western targets in the countries of __________________ and __________________ in the last two weeks, America’s counterterrorism experts have warned that Al Qaeda may launch more overseas attacks before the presidential elections in November.

2.  Since August, America’s military and intelligence agencies have intercepted a series of messages from __________________’s leadership to intermediate members of the organization asking local cells to be prepared for imminent instructions.

3.  ___________________ took over Fannie Mae on September 7th as part of an effort to prevent a national financial crisis.

4.  Franklin Raines, the former CEO of Fannie Mae who was forced to resign amid an accounting scandal, earned __________________ during his 5 years as CEO at Fannie Mae.

5.  The sole topic of the first presidential debate scheduled for this Friday and agreed upon by both candidates is __________________.

6.  Senator Obama’s campaign requested the focus of the third debate to be on __________________.

7.  The purpose of ___________________’s speech Thursday night was to convince the American people to support his $700 billion bailout plan.

8.  In his speech on Thursday, President Bush said that the government’s top economic experts have warned that without immediate action by Congress, America could slip into a financial panic, home values could plummet, banks could fail, foreclosures would rise and millions of Americans could lose their __________________.

9.  President Bush this week met with the heads of state of Lebanon, India, Afghanistan and _________________.

10. The focus of President Bush’s meeting with President Karzai was the increasing __________________ in Afghanistan.

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