This week’s quiz is a fact vs. opinion quiz. 
A fact is something that can be verified and backed up with evidence, e.g. Geraldine Ferraro was the first female vice presidential candidate in the U.S.  
An opinion is based on a belief or view. It is not based on evidence that can be verified, e.g. Electing a female vice president will improve our relations with countries around the world.

Directions:  Read each of the following statements about this week’s “Daily News Articles.” Write fact or opinion next to each statement. If it is an opinion, explain what part of the statement cannot be verified.

1. __________________ When reviewing cases to accept for this years docket, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review the appeal of Dariush Elahi, a professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins Medical School who is seeking to collect damages from Iran relating to the 1990 assassination of his brother.

2. __________________ The most interesting case the Supreme Court has accepted so far for this year’s docket will decide whether the American government owes WWII veteran Woodrow Sanders disability benefits for the blindness he has suffered in his right eye.

3. __________________ Congress should approve the deal the U.S. Defense Department made with Israel to sell them 1,000 bunker buster bombs.

4. __________________ The bombs that the U.S. will sell to Israel will be used in a strike against Iran’s fortified, underground nuclear facilities.

5. __________________ The Democrat-sponsored energy bill that passed in the House this week, the “Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act,” will seek to end dependency on oil through renewable and clean, alternative fuel technologies while building a bridge to the future through expanded access to federal oil and natural gas resources.

6. __________________ Many Republicans oppose the “Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act” because they say among other things, the majority of offshore oil lies within the 50-mile boundary that the bill excludes from possible drilling.

7. __________________ Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou has promoted a conciliatory attitude toward China out of fear that the Chinese government will go to war with Taiwan in the near future.

8. __________________ President Ma will not seek a seat for Taiwan in the U.N. General Assembly this year.

9. __________________ Islamic Jihad in Yemen claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack this week on the U.S. embassy in the capital city of Sana’a.

10. __________________ The Yemeni government privately supports al Qaeda in Yemen.

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