1. After the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference announced there would be no high school football in the state this fall, players held a huge rally at the state capitol in Hartford to voice their opposition to the decision and _______________.
a) asked the CIAC to reverse their decision to prohibit tackle football this fall
b) broke windows in the capitol building and set surrounding cars on fire
c) asked the CIAC to allow them to play flag football instead
d) told the CIAC to “keep up the good work”

2. Which sport(s) is the Athletic Conference allowing to play this fall? Circle all that apply.
a) field hockey
b) soccer
c) swimming
d) cross country

3. President Trump hosted a ceremony at the White House this week, in which Bahrain and United Arab Emirates each signed a peace agreement with Israel, normalizing relations. The establishment of relations between these countries is widely regarded as:
a) no big deal
b) stirring up trouble
c) historic
d) insignificant

4. President Trump noted that for years, diplomatic experts tried brokering a peace deal between the Palestinians and Israel, but were not able to get Palestinian leaders to come to an agreement. He decided to take a new approach, and broker peace deals with Israel’s neighbors first. As a result of these agreements, Trump said he expects:
a) the Palestinians will go to war with Israel
b) more Arab states to establish their own peace agreements with Israel
c) Iran to make a peace deal with Israel
d) none of the above

5. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine announced that they have isolated an antibody component that “completely and specifically neutralizes the SARS-CoV-2 virus” and say it could potentially be used:
a) to treat the disease and to prevent the disease
b) to eradicate the disease
c) to earn them the Nobel prize in medicine
d) to make a lot of money

6. The benefits of the drug researchers have developed using the antibody component are:
a) the antibodies don’t bind to human cells, therefore the drug won’t result in negative side-effects in humans
b) the antibody component is 10 times smaller than a full-sized antibody, making it possible for the drug to be developed as an inhaled mist or injected drug rather than an IV
c) the cost for producing it is very small
d) both a) and b)

7. Two Ohio high school football players were suspended from the team after they ran onto the football field with _______________ before the school’s Patriot Night game on 9/11.
a) a BLM banner
b) the cheerleaders
c) a thin blue line and thin red line flag
d) wearing Antifa masks instead of their helmets

8. School officials had previously told the players they could not do so, but the players said they wanted to honor first responders who sacrificed their lives on 9/11. The two players are:
a) the son of a firefighter and the son of a law enforcement officer
b) brothers
c) the son of the principal and the son of the superintendent
d) two students making a political statement

9. Apple recently gave user data to the FBI that helped investigators in Seattle:
a) identify the type of smart phone a violent agitator was carrying
b) arrest a protester suspected of firebombing cop cars
c) place the protester near the scene of a firebombing he was suspected of causing
d) none of the above

10. Once Apple gave investigators access to the suspect’s iCloud account, the FBI found:
a) screenshots of an Instagram post promoting the protest
b) a screenshot of a recipe for a Molotov cocktail
c) photos that appeared to show the suspect wearing the same hoodie seen in surveillance footage of the firebomber
d) all of the above

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