Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement. Rewrite each false statement to make it true.

1.  __________________ Farouk Shami is moving his manufacturing business from China to Houston, Texas to help control quality and inventory, and also fight Chinese counterfeits of his product.

2.  __________________ Mr. Shami’s challenge in moving his factories from China will be to see if he can produce cost-effectively in the U.S.

3.  __________________ China’s largest solar panel manufacturer Suntech will be able to sell their products in the U.S. cheaper than other companies because it uses lower quality material to construct the panels.

4.  __________________ It is believed that China’s aggressive attempt to gain market share in the U.S. solar panel industry will drive U.S. and European manufactures out of business.

5.  __________________ U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy died this week at the age of 77 after serving close to 50 years in Congress.

6.  __________________ Senator Kennedy was a Republican from Massachusetts.

7.  __________________ A report published by a non-profit patients organization in England stated that over one million patients had been given appalling care when treated through the British government run health care system.

8.  __________________ The most common complaint from patients was on the the quality of care they received from doctors.

9.  __________________ The country of Gabon will elect its first new leader in 12 years on Sunday.

10. __________________ Despite bringing in billions of dollars a year from oil and other raw-material exports, Gabon has a dismal economy.

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