Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement. Rewrite each false statement to make it true.

1. __________________ Older Adults Services and Information Systems (OASIS) runs education and volunteer programs for seniors in cities across the country, including classes on microwave oven use.

2. __________________ The number of senior citizens using cell phones surpasses the number of younger Americans using the same technology.

3. __________________ A North Korean General known to be a confidant of leader Kim Jong Il has been accused of counterfeiting U.S. $10 bills.

4. __________________ U.S. Secret Service officials have said that North Korea has produced more than $45 million in supernotes since 1989.

5. __________________ June 4 commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing, China.

6. __________________ Leading up to the Tiananmen Square anniversary, the Chinese government organized candlelight vigils across the country.

7. __________________ President Obama gave a speech this week to Muslims around the world from Cairo, Egypt.

8. __________________ President Obama opened his speech with a traditional greeting of peace used by American Muslims – “assalaamu alaykum.”

9. __________________ A recent Harvard study found that 90% of Twitter users account for 10% of all tweets.

10. __________________ The Harvard study also found that a typical Twitter user only tweets once in their Twitter lifetime.

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1. false – replace “microwave oven” with “cellphone”

2. false – replace “surpasses” with “is less than”

3. false – replace “$10” with “$100”

4. true

5. true

6. false – replace “organized candlelight vigils across the country” with “tried to close all avenues of dissent, including placing prominent critics under house arrest and banning newspaper from making any mention of that day

7. true

8. true

9. false – replace “90” with “10” and “10” with “90”

10. true