DIRECTIONS: Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement. Rewrite each false statement to make it true.

1.  __________________ Republicans blame the Democratic controlled Congress for the high price of gas and Democrats blame President Bush for the high price gas, each saying that gas prices have doubled since the other gained control. 

2.  __________________ The Democratic plan for reducing the price of gas includes increasing supply by drilling for oil in the U.S. at ANWR and other locations.

3.  __________________ Israel’s deputy prime minister said last week that Israel would attack Iran if it continues to pursue its nuclear weapons program.

4.  __________________ One possible solution to the problem of Iran supporting insurgents in Iraq is for the U.S. military to strike the facilities where Iran is training them.

5.  __________________ Iran must import a large percentage of its gasoline because it has no oil of its own.

6.  __________________ Under the Iran Sanctions Enhancement Act, the amount of gasoline Iran would be allowed to import will be limited until it is in compliance with the nuclear nonproliferation treaty.

7.  __________________ To be adopted by the European Union, 100% of EU member countries must approve the Lisbon Treaty.

8.  __________________ Ireland is one of only two countries that will hold a vote on the proposed Lisbon Treaty.

9.  __________________ In a 5-4 ruling this week, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the constitutional right to habeas corpus applies to noncitizens held at Guantanamo Bay.

10. __________________ Habeas corpus is the right to challenge in federal court the legality of one’s detention.

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“Answers by Email” has ended for the summer.  This week’s quiz answers are below:

1. true

2.  false – replace “Democratic” with ‘Republican”

3.  true

4. true

5.  false – replace “has no oil of its own” with “lacks the refining capacity to turn much of its oil into gas”

6.  true

7.  true

8.  false – replace “is one of only two countries” with “is the only country”

9.  true

10. true