1. It was reported this week that many of the teen girls kidnapped from their school in Nigeria are being forced to marry their _______________ extremist abductors.

a) atheist
b) Islamic
c) Christian
d) Jewish

2. Parents learned the information about their daughters from villagers who live in the forest on Nigeria’s border with Cameroon, where the militant group, ____________________, is known to have hideouts.
a) Bozo Haram
b) Boko Haram
c) Boko Loko
d) none of the above

3. Thousands of Philippine and U.S. soldiers began annual war games on Monday, which will entail U.S. F-18 fighters rehearse bombing runs and troops involved in live fire drills in different parts of the main island. The U.S.-Philippine war games are conducted under the 1951 ______________________, which is part of a group of security alliances the U.S. built in the Asia-Pacific region during the Cold War.
a) Mutual Defense Treaty
b) Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) doctrine
c) Pan Asian Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA)
d) NATO treaty

4. The purpose of the U.S. joint exercises with the Philippines is to test the combat readiness of the troops to respond to all but:
a) disaster response
b) humanitarian assistance
c) local terrorist attacks
d) any maritime threats

5. The ____________________ ruled Monday that city councils and other public boards are free to open their meetings with an explicitly Christian prayer, declaring that judges may not act as “censors of religious speech” simply because the prayers reflect the views of the dominant faith.
a) Obama administration
b) U.S. Attorney General
c) Secretary of State
d) U.S. Supreme Court

6. _________________________ wrote in the majority opinion that the fact that nearly all the clergy who delivered Greece’s invocations were Christian reflected the community, where no congregations of other faiths were listed in the town directory.
a) Justice Stephen Breyer
b) Justice Anthony Kennedy
c) Justice Clarence Thomas
d) Justice Elena Kagan

7. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is under the U.S. _______________________. The bureau develops regulations ensuring tax and trade compliance with the Federal Alcohol Administration Act and the Internal Revenue Code. It regulates beer, wine and spirit labeling, formulation, packaging and taxation.
a) Department of the Treasury
b) Department of the Interior
c) Department of Commerce
d) Department of Agriculture

8. The TTB granted label approval to Palcohol in early April but rescinded Palcohol’s label approval a few weeks later because they said the approval was:
a) “a significant health risk”
b) “not lucrative”
c) “a foolish decision”
d) “issued in error”

9. Net _______________ is the premise that all internet traffic should be treated equally. It has been a cornerstone of the web for many years.
a) equality
b) neutrality
c) liberty
d) freedom of speech

10. One way for the FCC to be able to regulate ISPs would be to reclassify broadband companies as ________________ companies.
a) content providers
b) internet browser
c) video streaming
d) telecommunication

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