1.  Unmanned aerial drone strikes on terrorist suspects began after the Sept. 11 attacks. Under the Obama administration, secret drone strikes have become increasingly common as a primary tool in U.S. national-security strategy.  The Administration is now considering policy changes that would:
a)  warn terrorist groups of upcoming drone strikes
b)  publicize CIA plans for taking out terrorist leaders using drone strikes
c)  publicize which extremist groups associated with al Qaeda can be targeted by the Pentagon
d)  end the drone program in favor of launching rehabilitation programs for terrorists

2.  The administration is considering a change to the drone policy because:
a)  lawsuits were filed by the ACLU and the NY Times
b)  they want to negotiate with the Taliban
c)  they think using secret drone strikes is unfair to terrorists
d)  it will make the party more electable in November

3.  The city of San Francisco is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge this weekend.  At the time it was built the bridge was the world’s:
a)  longest suspension span bridge
b)  longest arch bridge
c)  longest beam bridge
d)  tallest bridge

4.  One of the Golden Gate Bridge engineers’ most pressing concerns today is the potential effect of:
a)  a major traffic accident
b)  reduced traffic due to increased tolls
c)  extended periods of fog affecting visibility on the bridge
d)  a major earthquake

5.  This week’s successful launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket was historic because it was the first time:
a)  an unmanned capsule has been sent to the Space Station
b)  a private company has sent a vessel to the International Space Station
c)  a capsule was sent to the Space Station from the U.S.
d)  SpaceX successfully launched a rocket

6.  The purpose of this week’s SpaceX trip is to:
a)  test the capabilities of its rockets
b)  transport U.S. astronauts to the Space Station
c)  pick up Russian cosmonauts from the Space Station
d)  deliver supplies and equipment to the ISS

7.  In a recent interview, a McAfee identity theft expert warned that Windows XP laptops and Google Android Smartphones:
a)  are the devices most frequently stolen by thieves
b)  are able to be hacked into by identity thieves at locations like Starbucks and McDonald’s
c)  cannot be completely wiped clean of an owner’s personal information, even when re-setting to original factory settings
d)  send personal information about the owner to the companies’ headquarters, which is then used for marketing purposes

8.  The identity theft expert recommends ____________________ old laptops or smartphones when getting a new device as a way to prevent identity thieves from obtaining personal information.
a)  smashing/destroying
b)  giving to charity
c)  donating to a school
d)  immersing in water

9.  Memorial Day was first observed in 1868 when a special ceremony was held at the Arlington National Cemetery where flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers.  Memorial Day was originally known as:
a)  Military Day
b)  Decoration Day
c)  Remembrance Day
d)  Heroes Day

10.  Memorial Day was first enacted to honor Union soldiers of the ____________________________, but its scope was expanded after World War I to include all U.S. men and women who died while in the military service.
a)  Civil War
b)  Revolutionary War
c)  War of 1812
d)  Spanish-American War

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