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1. The ________________, which reads, “No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened” is the most recent amendment to the Constitution.
a) 23rd Amendment
b) 27th Amendment
c) 17th Amendment
d) 73rd Amendment

2. This amendment was first proposed in 1789 by James Madison. It was ratified on May 7, 1992 after ______________ first began the process in 1982.
a) Congress
b) the Supreme Court
c) members of the media
d) a college student

3. Recently publicized was the fact that the Department of Defense and the NJ National Guard paid the Jets a total of $377,000 from 2011 to 2014 for all but which one of the following:
a) advertising and marketing services, including a kickoff video message from the Guard
b) pause to honor soldiers of the NJ Army National Guard at home games called The Hometown Hero segment
c) give the Hometown Hero and three friends seats in the Coaches Club for the game
d) invite a Hometown Hero to make the kickoff at every game

4. Fourteen other NFL teams had similar contracts. The Defense Department paid these teams _________________ during that time.
a) $400,000
b) $5.4 million
c) $1 million
d) $377,000

5. President Obama held a defense summit this week at the White House and Camp David with the aim of strengthening ties at a time of unusual friction between our longtime Gulf allies. Of the six Gulf states invited to the defense summit by President Obama, ______________________ of the leaders sent a subordinate.
a) none
b) all
c) one
d) four

6. The leaders of the Gulf states are worried that the administration may be forming an alliance with its regional rival, Iran, and is disengaging in the Middle East despite the spread of civil strife. The White House portrayed the decision by some leaders not to attend personally as:
a) a slap in the face
b) very unusual
c) not unusual
d) a slight snub

7. A senior Iranian commander warned the U.S. this week that a “fire might start” after the U.S. asked Iran to divert its aid ship to Yemen and instead bring it to ____________________ to allay worries that the cargo might be military arms.
a) the U.S.
b) the EU
c) Saudi Arabia
d) the UN aid hub in Djibouti

8. Iranian officials said it is Iran’s right to deliver relief supplies to Yemen during a humanitarian ceasefire and insists that “___________ has the right to inspect” their ship.
a) everyone
b) only Houthis
c) no one
d) the UN

9. A _________________ high school student this week was told by school officials that he was not permitted to fly an American flag on his truck. On Wednesday, school officials removed the bolts that were securing the flag to the student’s truck, taking the flag down themselves.
a) South Dakota
b) Massachusetts
c) New York
d) South Carolina

10. Officials told the teen he couldn’t fly the flag because ______________________ but later said it was a safety issue.
a) they didn’t like it
b) they didn’t like him
c) it was illegal
d) it offended some people

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