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1. The TSA/FDA last week released news rules on the e-cigarette industry. Hundreds of brands will have to undergo federal review to stay on the market.

2. Under the new rules, e-cigarette sales to people under 18 will be banned. The government will also require manufacturers to submit premarket applications that will undergo review to assess their impact on the “public health.” There’s a lot of / not much scientific evidence showing e-cigarettes help smokers quit or smoke less.

3. In October 2013, after a false bomb-threat letter was discovered at a Pennsylvania high school, a student posted what he said was a threat / a joke about it on Facebook which read, “Plot twist, bomb isn’t found and goes off tomorrow.” Local police had noticed the post and consulted with the school. A school disciplinary board later suspended the student for 23 days.

4. The boy’s parents sued the school, claiming their son had his First / Fifth and 14th Amendment rights violated, since there wasn’t a higher court precedent that allowed schools to punish students for off-campus speech that didn’t cause a substantial disruption at school. The judge sided with the school.

5. In cities where the minimum wage has been raised to $15 an hour, some employees feel unhappy / happy that less experienced co-workers now earn the same wages they spent months or years striving to achieve.

6. The states of California and Texas / New York have passed laws requiring businesses to increase the minimum wage they pay employees to $15/hour.

7. Inspired by the U.S. Warrior Games, Britain’s Prince Harry founded the Invictus Games in 2014. The Invictus Games are a sports competition, similar to the Olympics, for former soldiers injured in combat. Invictus is the Latin for “Injured” / “Unconquered.”

8. William Reynolds is the U.S. team captain. He said competing at Invictus is a good goal for people recovering from war injuries. Getting ready for a competition provides purpose for people who may be tired of watching sports on TV / physical therapy.

9. The United States on Thursday unveiled an $800 million missile shield in Russia / Romania that it sees as vital to defend itself and Europe from rogue states but the Kremlin says is aimed at blunting its own nuclear arsenal.

10. “As long as Iran / Russia continues to develop and deploy ballistic missiles, the United States will work with its allies to defend NATO,” said U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work.

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