1. __________________ Conservative Republican Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is the youngest governor in the U.S.

2. __________________ Gov. Jindal has criticized President Bush and the Republican party on the issues of gas prices and illegal immigration.

3. __________________ Several Bolivian provinces are attempting to gain autonomy from the central government. Santa Cruz held a vote on the issue over the weekend.

4. __________________ Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez blames Bolivia’s President Evo Morales for the attempts by some Bolivian provinces to gain autonomy.

5. __________________ Burma’s ruling junta could hinder the usefulness of foreign aid because while they have said they will allow the supplies to come into the country, they will control distribution of all aid.

6. __________________ Because of the devastation caused by Saturday’s cyclone, Burma’s junta is canceling a national referendum (vote) on its much-criticized plan to enshrine the generals’ hold on power in a new constitution.

7. __________________ Vladimir Putin is the new president of Russia.

8. __________________ Mr. Putin has been appointed Prime Minister and also assumed leadership of the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, which dominates the Russian parliament.

9. __________________ The plan to mass market electric cars in Israel includes 500,000 battery-recharge outlets and 5,000 service stations where batteries can be quickly replaced as they wear out.

10. __________________ Israel’s tiny size makes it especially suitable for electric cars because major cities, such as Tel Avid and Jerusalem, are within an hour’s drive of each other.

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