DIRECTIONS: For the bolded part of each statement, circle the correct answer.

1. Following his confirmation as U.S. Secretary of State / Secretary of Defense last week, Mike Pompeo traveled to Brussels for a NATO meeting, then to Saudi Arabia and Israel to meet with leaders regarding the Iran nuclear deal President Obama and European powers made with Iran in 2015.

2. Mr. Pompeo assured Saudi Arabia (also an enemy of Iran) that unless there is an agreement by European partners to improve the Iran nuke deal to make sure Iran never possesses nuclear weapons, the U.S. will scrap the deal / bomb Iran.

3. The South Korean government announced this week that North Korea has promised to shut its atomic test site within weeks and invite Chinese / American weapons experts to verify its closure. Kim Jong-Un said he “would soon invite experts of South Korea and the US as well as journalists to disclose the process to the international community with transparency.”

4. The U.S. Secretary of State described U.S. requirements for an agreement over denuclearization as: complete, verifiable and subject to change / irreversible.

5. U.S. regulators at the FDA and FTC recently issued commendations / warnings to 13 companies selling e-cigarette liquids for using child-friendly images in their packaging. The cartoonlike images on the packaging could mislead children into thinking the liquids, which can be highly toxic if swallowed, are actually things they commonly eat and drink.

6. Regarding the packaging, the FDA commissioner said that it would be hard for “any reasonable person” to examine the products and not conclude that “they are deliberately / mistakenly being packaged and marketed in a way that is designed to not only be appealing to kids” but also to confuse them by mimicking items they frequently consume.

7. A California 7-Eleven owner / employee has started using classical music to discourage a problem many businesses face: people who loiter, panhandle and sleep in front of their businesses.

8. In addition to music, convenience stores and other businesses have used butterfly / mosquito devices, which emit a high-pitched screech similar to the insect buzzing in your ear.

9. A newly released annual State Department report on voting records at the U.N. found that member states only voted with the U.S. 31 percent of the time at the U.N. General Assembly – down 1 percent / 10 percent from the prior year. Ambassador Nikki Haley said that it was not an “acceptable return” on U.S. investment and suggested this could factor into aid decisions.

10. U.S. taxpayers contribute 12 / 22 percent of the UN budget every year.

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