1. Which one of the following statements did President Bush NOT make in a speech at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East in Egypt this week?
a) “I call on all nations to release their prisoners of conscience, open up their political debate and trust their people to chart their future.”
b) “We will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism. Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”
c) “Too often in the Middle East, politics has consisted of one leader in power and the opposition in jail.”
d) “Every peaceful nation in the region has an interest in opposing Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions.”

2. The audience of 1,500 Middle Eastern government and business leaders reacted to President Bush’s speech
a) by opposing him loudly with shouts
b) by giving him a standing ovation
c) with scorn and derision
d) with only scattered applause

3. British lawmakers voted this week to
a) ban embryonic stem cell research using hybrids
b) permit embryonic stem cell research using hybrids
c) ban adult stem cell research using bone marrow
d) ban all forms of stem cell research

4. Many __________ attempted to pass a ban this week on embryonic stem cell research using hybrids in Britain
a) scientists
b) Anglican bishops
c) Catholic and Conservative MPs
d) people with debilitating disease

5. The White House denied a report published in Israel this week that said
a) President Bush secretly met with senior Hamas leaders to discuss a Palestinian homeland
b) President Bush supports a permanent peace between the Palestinians and Israel
c) President Bush is planning to attack Iran before the end of his term in January
d) President Bush says there will never be peace between Palestinians and Israel

6. The unnamed “senior official in Jerusalem” who made the claim about President Bush said that he heard it from:
a) a senior member of the President’s entourage during a closed meeting in Jerusalem last week
b) President Bush during a private meeting at the home of the Israeli Prime Minister
c) his wife, who heard it from Mrs. Bush during a ladies tea
d) an Iranian official who had been warned earlier in the week

7. Pakistan’s newly elected government made a deal this week with Islamic militants in northern Pakistan to, among other things, pull Pakistani military troops out of the region in exchange for a promise by local Islamic militants to
a) end a wave of terror and arrest foreign terrorists operating in the area
b) stop attempting to impose Shariah law on the people there
c) turn over Osama bin Laden to the Pakistani military
d) seal the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan

8. The Pakistan coalition government elected in February, dominated by opponents of the President Musharraf, have made it a priority to ____________ militants in the tribal regions.
a) become good friends with
b) arrest
c) kill
d) make peace with

9. For what position is the Senate Armed Services Committee currently considering President Bush’s nomination of General David Petraeus?
a) Secretary of Defense
b) head of the Multi-National Force in Iraq
c) head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
d) leader of CENTCOM

10. If confirmed, which country would be the focus of one of General Petraeus’ first actions?
a) Saudi Arabia
b) Pakistan
c) Afghanistan
d) Iran

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