1. The U.S. Department of Justice announced last week that the military had seized a North Korean cargo ship accused of making illicit shipments of __________, one of its most valuable export commodities.
a) guns
b) drugs
c) coal
d) rice

2. The North Korean cargo shipment was in violation of U.N. sanctions, which bans all North Korean exports of this commodity. The U.S. could legally confiscate the North Korean ship because payments for its maintenance were made through _______________ which violated a longstanding federal law.
a) U.S. banks
b) the U.S. Federal Reserve
c) Pay Pal
d) none of the above

3. The government of __________ has ordered men not to look at women on the street during Ramadan. A judiciary spokesman said, “My personal advice to women is to respect the hijab even more than before and men must avoid looking directly at female passersby.” He warned, “Anyone ignoring these instructions during the Ramadan will be committing an offense and should expect some punishment from the law enforcement units.”
a) Iran
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Indonesia
d) Sweden

4. In addition to the warning to men not to look at women on the street, the “morality police” warned that they will arrest anyone _______________ and will tow their car away and hand them a heavy fine.
a) drinking coffee in their car
b) texting while driving
c) who whistles out the window at a woman
d) playing music on their car radio

5. Navajo Code Talker Fleming Begaye Sr. died at age 97 in Arizona on Friday. No one knew anything about the Code Talkers until the program was declassified by the military in:
a) 1918
b) 1941
c) 1968
d) 2008

6. The Code Talkers used the Navajo language to develop a secret military code that the Japanese could not break to send secure confidential messages during:
a) the French and Indian War
b) the Civil War
d) the Korean War

7. The _______________ Board of Supervisors voted this week to ban the use of facial recognition by city agencies including law enforcement. Businesses and individuals will not be affected by the ban. Neither will federal agencies, including agents at the airport and ports.
a) San Diego
b) San Francisco
c) San Antonio
d) Los Angeles

8. The Board of Supervisors banned law enforcement from using facial recognition technology due to potential for abuse, as well as flaws in the technology which can lead to:
a) misidentification
b) increased taxes
c) both a) and b)
d) neither a) nor b)

9. The Trump administration is preparing to move hundreds of illegal immigrants from overcrowded camps along the U.S. border to two counties in _______________, local officials said Thursday.
a) Northern California
b) Eastern Kentucky
c) South Florida
d) Western Pennsylvania

10. The Trump administration will move approximately _______________ each month — with half going to one county and half to the other.
a) 100
b) 1,000
c) 10,000
d) 100,000

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