1. CENTCOM’s Commander General David Petraeus said this week that __________ no longer has a significant presence in Afghanistan
a) the Taliban
b) the Afghan government
c) al Qaeda
d) Hezbollah

2. General Petraeus also warned that the group has taken root in neighboring _________ and now poses a threat there.
a) Iran
b) Pakistan
c) Iraq
d) India

3. A group of ___________ religious leaders in Pakistan have formed an alliance to openly oppose the Taliban
a) Muslim
b) Christian
c) Jewish
d) Hindu

4. Which of the following was not said by any of the religious leaders opposing the Taliban?
a) Those who called themselves Taliban in Swat are terrorists and not humans. There is no room for suicide attacks in our religion.
b) The Taliban are the enemies of Islam and Pakistan.
c) We will fight them using their own means and begin pubic executions, beheadings, amputations and floggings of any Taliban fighters we capture.
d) Religious leaders will be compelled to call for an armed movement against the Taliban if the Taliban doesn’t stop its advances.

5. In a test of today’s media, an Irish university student posted a fake quote from a French composer who had died:
a) on his blog
b) on his Facebook page
c) in a letter to the editor of the NY Times
d) at Wikipedia

6. By posting the fake quote, Irish student Shane Fitzgerald aimed to show that:
a) under pressure to produce news instantly, media outlets are increasingly relying on Internet sources while sacrificing accuracy and accountability
b) the media have become extremely gullible
c) you shouldn’t believe anything you read from online news sources
d) everyone wants their ten minutes of fame

7. Astronauts from space shuttle Atlantis began repair work this week on the:
a) International Space Station
b) Hubble Space Telescope
c) Apollo 13
d) the land rover to be used to in their exploration of the moon

8. The astronauts’ repairs/improvements include:
a) replacing a 15 year old camera with a new one
b) replacing the brakes and headlights on the land rover with more specialized equipment
c) replacing the fireproof covering with an improved material
d) adding extra sleeping and living quarters

9. The Obama administration’s new ____________ says he wants to banish the idea that the U.S. is fighting “a war on drugs.”
a) drug lord
b) drug czar
c) drug kingpin
d) drug dealer

10. In his call to end the federal government’s “War on Drugs,” ONDCP head Gil Kerlikowske is attempting to reduce illicit drug use in the U.S. by:
a) targeting medical marijuana users over foreign drug dealers
b) emphasizing incarceration over treatment
c) targeting crack cocaine users over medical marijuana users
d) emphasizing treatment over incarceration

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