1. Last Friday, _______________ Gov. Kim Reynolds signed into law the Fetal Heartbeat Bill, which prohibits doctors from performing an abortion after the detection of the baby’s heartbeat. The governor wrote in a statement that she signed the bill because she felt it was “immoral to stop an innocent beating heart,” as well as “sickening to sell fetal body parts.”
a) Idaho
b) Illinois
c) Iowa
d) Indiana

2. The state’s Fetal Heartbeat Bill will also ban all persons from knowingly acquiring, providing, transferring, or using fetal remains in the state. The provision would NOT apply to: (choose 3)
a) forensic investigations
b) Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts
c) fetal body parts donated for medical research after a miscarriage or stillbirth
d) medical diagnostic samples

3. The U.S. military is warning its pilots to watch out for high-powered laser attacks from a Chinese air base in Djibouti.
The U.S. has a large air base in Djibouti, which is strategically located at the southern entrance to the Red Sea on the route to the Suez Canal. The base is used to conduct security force assistance and counter-terrorism operations in:
a) Djibouti and South America
b) Africa and Yemen
c) Canada and China
d) Europe and Israel

4. The Pentagon also issued a formal complaint to China over the use of high-grade lasers that were directed at U.S. aircraft. Chinese military officials said the lasers have not targeted American pilots, but instead were used for other purposes. The excuses the Chinese gave include all but:
a) the Chinese military does not have high-grade laser technology
b) China wouldn’t have done it because they are a signatory to the Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons, which bans the use of lasers that can cause permanent blindness
c) the lasers might have been used to scare off birds near the Chinese base
d) the lasers might have been used to disrupt potential spy drones

5. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned this week that Turkey will retaliate if the U.S. Congress enacts a proposed measure that would temporarily halt weapons sales to the country. Cavusoglu criticized Congress’ measure as wrong, illogical and not fitting between the NATO allies. He said:
a) “We would be grateful if the U.S. would continue to allow us to purchase weapons from American companies.”
b) “We only want to purchase the weapons for peaceful purposes.”
c) “What needs to be done is the U.S. needs to let go of this.”
d) “We aren’t capable of making any of our own weapons so we hope you will sell us your superior technology.”

6. Turkey is opposed to a measure in the proposed US National Defense Authorization Act, (the $717 billion annual defense policy bill) that would ask the Defense Department to provide Congress with a report on the relationship between the U.S. and Turkey and would block the sale of major defense equipment until:
a) the report was complete
b) Turkey’s authoritarian president ended the egregious human rights abuses in his country
c) Turkey agreed to persuade Syria’s Bashar Assad to negotiate a peace treaty with rebels in Syria
d) Turkey agreed to stop attacking the Kurds

7. On April 28, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte made permanent what had been a temporary ban on his country’s citizens traveling to _______________ to work, following a series of abuse and murder cases involving Filipino victims. Close to 80% of the 192 Filipinos workers who have died in that country since 2016, died as a result of physical abuse at the hands of their employers.
a) Canada
b) the U.S.
c) Kuwait
d) North Korea

8. The Filipinos are victims of the system of kafala – which ties the legal visa status of foreign workers to their employer in _______________. Kafala exposes foreign workers, often maids or other domestic workers, as well as construction workers, to forced labor and other abusive treatment.
a) South American countries
b) Arab states of the Persian Gulf
c) Asia
d) Europe

9. A 13-year-old Alabama boy is being called a miracle boy after suffering severe brain trauma from a dune buggy accident. He credits God for his miraculous recovery. His family says he “came back to life” after they:
a) authorized experimental treatment for their son
b) signed the paperwork to donate his organs
c) told him he could have his own dune buggy if he woke up
d) all of the above

10. After flatlining for 15 minutes following the accident, Trenton McKinley was on life support and barely breathing for the next several days. Doctors told the severely injured teen’s parents:
a) he would never be normal again
b) that he would be a vegetable if he even made it
c) both a) and b)
d) neither a) nor b)

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