A quiz with questions relating to the week’s Daily News Articles.

1. This week, Israel commemorated Yom HaShoah. Yom HaShoah is the Hebrew name for Holocaust (Shoah) Memorial Day. Yom HaShoah serves as a memorial of those who died during the Holocaust, giving families time to reflect on the lives lost and educate future generations against anti-semitism. How many Jewish people were murdered by the Nazis during WWII?
a) six thousand
b) six hundred thousand
c) one million
d) six million

2. On Yom HaShoah the following takes place in Israel:
a) the sound of a siren is blasted across the country at 11am and once at sunset. People stop wherever they are for a two-minute silence.
b) all theaters, cinemas, pubs and other public entertainment venues are closed
c) both a) and b)
d) neither a) nor b)

3. Chicago-area resident Kyle Zak filed a lawsuit against Bose Corp. In his complaint, he accuses the company of:
a) violating customers’ privacy rights by selling information on their listening preferences without permission
b) violating the federal Wiretap Act and Illinois laws against eavesdropping and consumer fraud
c) neither a) nor b)
d) both a) and b)

4. What does Mr. Zak want from Bose?
a) Zak is seeking millions of dollars of damages for buyers of Bose headphones and speakers
b) Zak wants Bose to end their data collection
c) both a) and b)
d) neither a) nor b)

5. On Wednesday, top Trump administration officials held a rare briefing at the White House for the entire U.S. Senate on the situation in North Korea. Congressional aides suggested the briefing with the Senate was being held at the White House:
a) because President Trump thought the Senators might like to take a field trip
b) to show North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un that the U.S. Senate is united
c) to underscore the message to North Korea that Washington is serious about getting tough on North Korean aggression
d) all of the above

6. Wednesday’s meeting with the Senate follows President Trump’s meeting with the UN Security Council, including China and Russia, at the White House on Monday. Trump told the ambassadors all but which one of the following?
a) “The council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions on North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile programs.”
b) “North Korea is a big world problem and it’s a problem that we have to finally solve.”
c) “I am drawing a red line on North Korea that Kim Jong Un had better not cross.”
d) “The status quo in North Korea is also unacceptable.”

7. U.S. Marines at Camp Pendleton took part in simulated amphibious assault scenarios this week using more than 100 pieces of advanced technology. The technology was designed by:
a) both military and civilian innovators
b) military engineers
c) civilian engineers
d) high school students

8. The goal of the exercise at Camp Pendleton is to:
a) eventually acquire some of the technologies for deployment
b) encourage more Marines to become engineers
c) give up-and-coming engineers a chance to demonstrate their inventions
d) none of the above

9. This year’s Portland, Oregon Rose parade was canceled after:
a) a Republican group pledged to protest and disrupt the event if a Democratic group was allowed to march
b) an “antifascist” group pledged to protest and disrupt the event if a Republican group was allowed to march
c) Republicans and Democrats pledged to disrupt the event if anarchist thugs were allowed to infringe on the free speech rights of others
d) an environmental group did not allow parade organizers to use live roses on their floats

10. Most concerning to Portland’s Rose parade organizers was the fact that:
a) they had already decorated all of the floats
b) the mayor and police department did not assure them they would protect the marchers
c) someone sent an anonymous email threatening that 200 people would “rush into the parade” and “drag and push” those marching with the group they opposed
d) the fact that a group could get away with violating the free speech rights of others

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