1. In the wake of last week’s terrorist attacks in Boston some lawmakers are calling for:
a) the establishment of a better connected system of surveillance cameras
b) a complete review of student visas
c) a moratorium on all immigration from Muslim countries
d) a review of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s immigration status

2. Privacy advocates are concerned that increasing the number of surveillance cameras in public areas:
a) will cost the government too much money
b) will only be used sparingly
c) will be invasive – will intrude on people’s privacy
d) will not help authorities to find clues to terrorists

3. The New York Public Service Commission last week approved a plan to build the Champlain Hudson transmission line which will move 1,000 megawatts of ____________________ from Quebec to New York City.
a) nuclear energy
b) wind power
c) hydropower
d) coal fired power

4. The 335 mile transmission line for a cost of $2.2 billion will be built:
a) along the railroad line that runs from Canada to New York
b) under Lake Champlain and the Hudson River
c) on giant electricity poles that will be erected along the Hudson River
d) through the Appalachian Trail into New York City

5. The Obama administration this month approved a proposal to construct a second bridge to connect:
a) Chicago to Canada
b) Detroit to Canada
c) Milwaukee to Canada
d) New York to Canada

6. The other bridge (the Ambassador Bridge) is the only privately owned bridge connecting the U.S. and Canada. Its owner, billionaire Manuel Moroun opposes the construction of a second bridge on the grounds that:
a) his company has an exclusive right to operate its crossing without competition
b) another bridge is unnecessary because the Ambassador is rarely used
c) the traffic congestion on the Ambassador is beneficial because it gives drivers a chance to look around and enjoy the view
d) it will spoil the view from his bridge

7. Google announced recently that it has begun delivering the first wave of its Google Glass which allows wearers to do all but:
a) take video
b) check email
c) search the internet
d) launch a drone

8. Google has only permitted a limited number of consumers to purchase these first Google Glass devices. They refer to these special customers as:
a) Zombies
b) Adventurers
c) Survivors
d) Explorers

9. The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum is located on the campus of Southern Methodist University in _________________.
a) Crawford, TX
b) Kennebunkport, Maine
c) Dallas, TX
d) Washington, D.C.

10. President _______________________, during his second term in office, initiated the practice of establishing presidential libraries.
a) Barack Obama
b) Franklin D. Roosevelt
c) Bill Clinton
d) John F. Kennedy

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