1.  State laws on which two issues were enacted or expected to be enacted in the near future in Arizona and Connecticut?
a)  the death penalty and embryonic stem cell research
b)  gun control and late term abortion
c)  late term abortion and capital punishment
d)  smoking in public parks and the use of trans-fats

2.  The laws that are being enacted in Arizona and Connecticut are:
a)  both supported mainly by Democrats
b)  both supported mainly by Republicans
c)  neither supported by Democrats or Republicans
d)  one supported by Democrats, one supported by Republicans

3.   _____________________ has a ballot measure on November’s ballot asking voters to decide whether or not to repeal the state’s death penalty.
a)  California
b)  New York
c)  Texas
d)  Mississippi

4.  The governor who signed the late-term abortion bill into law said he/she did so to:
a)  give the mother the choice to decide
b)  enact more government control over people’s lives
c)  protect unborn babies with this law
d)  endanger the life of the mother

5.  A Reuters/Ipsos poll this week showed that _________________ respondents had a favorable opinion of the NRA, which just held its annual convention in St. Louis, Missouri.
a)  1 out of 100
b)  1 out of 10
c)  4 out of 5
d)  2 out of 3

6.  The Reuters/Ipsos poll also showed that 87% percent of Democrats and Republicans:
a)  support the use of deadly force to protect themselves from danger in their home
b)  oppose requiring background checks before a firearm can be sold
c)  oppose the ownership of firearms by the average American
d)  do not believe that the 2nd Amendment gives Americans the right to own guns

7.  The Texas Medical Board on Friday approved new rules on experimental stem cell therapies that would make it easier for doctors to offer experimental treatments using ___________________________ without federal approval.
a)  bone marrow
b)  adult stem cells
c)  donated embryos
d)  embryonic stem cells

8.  Under the new Texas rules, doctors must do the following before offering certain experimental stem-cell treatments  
a)  get payment in full from the patient while offering a money-back guarantee if the treatment is not successful
b)  inform the patient that as the treatment is experimental, there is a chance it might not be successful
c)  obtain patient consent and secure approval from an independent review board
d)  warn patients that the procedure is expensive

9.  New York City is installing 32-inch “smart screens” with Internet connections in 250 ____________________________ next month.
a)  public schools
b)  nightclubs
c)  parks
d)  old phone booths

10.  The smart screens will eventually be wired to do all but which one of the following:
a)  allow a user to make cash withdrawals
b)  log onto e-mail accounts
c)  serve as a wi-fi hotspot
d)  make Skype calls

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