1. Why was the rescue of 115 miners from a coal mine in China referred to as a miracle by Chinese officials?
a) the Chinese government does not impose any safety standards on mine owners and expects that many miners will be killed at work
b) the mine did not have adequate rescue equipment
c) the miners were trapped for eight days before being rescued
d) the country had held an around the clock prayer-vigil for the trapped miners

2. Coal provides ____ of China’s electricity.
a) 7%
b) 17%
c) 70%
d) 100%

3. Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, Arizona has implemented a new policy for watching TV in the women’s Tent City jail. It calls for:
a) the inmates to pedal an exercise bike which generates power to run the TV
b) inmates to pay $10 per hour to watch TV
c) the inmates to do one hour of exercise for every hour of TV they watch
d) inmates to be prohibited from watching any educational or informative programming

4. Sheriff Arpaio came up with the idea for the new TV policy as a way to:
a) raise money for new patrol cars
b) prevent inmates from improving themselves
c) force inmates to lose weight
d) encourage inmates to exercise

5. Protesters in Kyrgyzstan upset with the government did all but which one during protests this week?
a) stormed government buildings
b) took over the U.S. air base near the capital
c) ransacked government media TV stations
d) disarmed some of the police attempting to disperse the crowd, and seized their vehicles

6. Citizens in Kyrgyzstan were protesting all but which one of the following?
a) the government’s discrimination against Christians
b) an increase in utility rates
c) government misuse of development funds
d) corruption in the government

7. The leaders of the groups opposing ousted President Bakiyev had been his allies during the ____________, the popular revolt that swept him into power in 2005.
a) Orange Revolution
b) Tulip Revolution
c) Rose Revolution
d) Cedar Revolution

8. President Bakiyev responded to the massive protests against his government in Kyrgyzstan by:
a) fleeing the country
b) apologizing to the citizens and formally resigning
c) throwing himself at the mercy of the people and asking for a second chance
d) leaving the capital for the south, where he refuses to resign and is instead trying to rally support

9.  To be ratified, the START treaty signed this week by President Obama and Russian President Medvedev needs to have:
a)  at least 50% of all senators to vote for it
b)  a unanimous vote in its favor in the House
c)  a two-thirds majority in the Senate
d)  the vote of Democrat turned Independent Senator Joe Lieberman

10. Republican Senators are concerned about the START treaty because:
a)  it requires the U.S. to use nuclear weapons against our allies
b)  references it makes to missile defense could limit U.S. actions
c)  it will modernize the nuclear weapons the U.S. currently has
d)  it will fully fund the plan to modernize our nuclear arsenal

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