DIRECTIONS: Decide whether the bolded section is true or false. Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement, then rewrite each false bolded statement to make it true.

1. __________________ U.S. authorities recently arrested a former U.S. Marine who is a member of a group dedicated to the overthrow of North Korea’s Kim Dynasty after he and others allegedly raided the North Korean embassy in Madrid in February and stole computers.

2. __________________ The group said it had orchestrated the February 22 embassy raid to gain evidence of illicit activities rampant in North Korea’s foreign missions. While no government had knowledge of their plans, the group said after the raid that it had shared certain information potentially having “enormous intelligence value” with the FBI in the United States.

3. __________________ On Sunday, Ukranian doctor Volodymyr Zelenskiy won the presidential election in his country in a landslide victory with 73 percent of the vote against incumbent President Petro Poroshenko 26 percent.

4. __________________ Zelensky ran as an anti-establishment candidate and accused Poroshenko of not doing enough to combat corruption. Zelensky promised to clean up corruption – and also to leave after one term in office.

5. __________________   California’s state legislature passed a law in April which raises the smoking age in the state to 21 and reclassifies all vape products and accessories as tobacco products regardless of their nicotine concentration. Active duty service members who are at least 18 with military IDs will be exempt from this law.

6. __________________ The new law raising the smoking age authorizes the state’s Department of Health to use people younger than 21 to conduct unannounced inspections of tobacco product retailers.

7. __________________ The U.S. Justice Department charged two Chinese men this week with economic espionage, accused of plotting to steal intellectual property from GE and transfer it to China.

8. __________________ The Justice Department indictments also allege the two men stole the GE designs with the knowledge that the theft would benefit the Chinese government-sponsored research institutes with which they have ties.

9. __________________ The first-ever medical drone delivery program to be approved by the FDA began delivering medical samples, including blood at a North Carolina hospital last month.

10. __________________ The USPS and California-based drone manufacturer Matternet are collaborating on the drone pilot program.

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