DIRECTIONS: Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement. Rewrite each false statement to make it true. (10 points each)

1. __________________ Georgia’s legislature recently passed a law that will require many businesses to use E-Verify to confirm that new hires are eligible to work in the U.S.

2. __________________ The law passed by the Georgia legislature would prohibit police from arresting illegal immigrants and transporting them to state and federal jails.

3. __________________ Illegal immigrants from Libya and Tunisia, who had been given temporary residence visas by the Italian government, were prevented from entering France this week by the French authorities.

4. __________________ The men were attempting to get into France because they dislike Italian food and Catholics.

5. __________________ The Arizona sheriff who claimed recently that U.S. Border Patrol management has ordered agents to stop apprehending illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border provided no proof for his accusations.

6. __________________ In response to the sheriff’s claim, the head of U.S. Border Patrol wrote him a letter saying his assertion is 100% false.

7. __________________ The result of President Obama’s 10 month freeze on offshore oil drilling after the BP oil spill has been a 13% reduction in offshore oil production.

8. __________________ Further complicating matters, U.S. energy regulators also face a mandate, stated last month by President Obama, to increase U.S. oil imports by one-third in about a decade.

9. __________________ Haitian hip hop star Wyclef Jean, known by the stage name “Big Daddy” has been elected the next president of Haiti.

10. __________________ The new Hatian president has said that his three priorities will be education, finding homes for people living in tents, and restarting Haiti’s agricultural sector.

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