DIRECTIONS: Decide whether the bolded section is true or false. Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement, then rewrite each false bolded statement to make it true.

1. __________________ A container ship that carries cargo between Asia and Europe ran aground last Tuesday in the Suez Canal in Egypt. The owners of some ships began rerouting around Cape Horn at the southern tip of Africa instead.

2. __________________ The cargo ship that was stuck is considered one of the world’s largest cargo vessels and can carry up to 20,000 shipping containers.

3. __________________ In a rare public acknowledgement, Taiwan’s government/military confirmed it has begun mass production of a giant wall in an effort to deter China’s increasing threats against its sovereignty.

4. __________________ The Chinese Communist government has recently increased military activity near Taiwan in an attempt to force the Taiwanese government to accept Beijing’s claims of sovereignty over Hong Kong.

5. __________________ President Biden is reportedly working with the Chinese government to create an app showing proof of vaccination.

6. __________________ Republicans pointed out that Democrats’ support for vaccine passports is hypocritical, saying they oppose voter ID laws as “racist” yet support requiring all Americans having to show IDs when going about their daily lives.

7. __________________ The US Customs and Border Protection facility in Donna, Texas has a capacity of 250 people; currently there are 400 people at that location.

8. __________________ The children in the CBP facility were checked for lice, scabies, fever and other unspecified ailments. A covid test was administered to every child and adult who is being housed there.

9. __________________ After opposing the legalization of recreational marijuana for years, saying it was a ‘gateway drug,’ New York’s Republican Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill into law allowing for recreational use.

10. __________________ Arguing against the legalization of recreational marijuana, Kevin Sabet noted that that this is about legalizing and commercializing a massive new industry and encouraging the use of these drugs which are now leading to things like psychosis and schizophrenia.

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