DIRECTIONS: Write TRUE or FALSE next to each statement. Rewrite each false statement to make it true. (10 points each)

1. __________________ Farmers and ranchers in several Northeastern states face grasshopper infestations this year.

2. __________________ Grasshopper infestations destroy crops and land used for grazing by eating everything in site.

3. __________________ U.S. General Stanley McChrystal has given orders to close junk food concessions on U.S. NATO bases in Iraq.

4. __________________ Explaining the General’s order to close fast-food restaurants Burger King and Pizza Hut on the bases, a Sgt.-Major wrote: “This is a war zone, not an amusement park.”

5. __________________ The Republican party is strongly opposed to an expansion of offshore oil drilling.

6. __________________ President Obama’s offshore drilling proposal includes new development off the coasts of Northern Atlantic states and California.

7. __________________ The Republican governor and Democratic senators from Virginia all support offshore drilling off the coast of Virginia.

8. __________________ Environmentalists oppose offshore drilling because they say it will harm marine life.

9. __________________ Venezuelan soldier Sgt. Pablo Emilio Moncayo was released this week after being held hostage by FARC terrorists for 12 years.

10. __________________ Sgt. Moncayo credited his love for his family with his ability to survive as a captive for so many years.

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