1. Italy and France this week agreed to joint air and sea patrols to:
a) prevent Somali pirates from any future attacks on their cargo ships
b) prevent Iran from shipping any more weapons to Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip
c) block any new North African migrants from sailing to European shores.
d) display to the world the power of their navies

2. Since January, thousands of illegal immigrants from ________________ have overwhelmed authorities on the Italian island of Lampedusa
a) Libya and Tunisia
b) Egypt and Yemen
c) Tunisia and Somalia
d) Tunisia and Egypt

3. The principal of a Chicago public elementary school has implemented a school lunch policy that:
a) prohibits students from leaving the cafeteria until they have eaten everything on their plate
b) forbids students from talking during lunch
c) invites parents to join their kids for lunch
d) prohibits students from bringing lunch from home

4. The Chicago principal said she created the lunch policy after watching students bring “bottles of soda and…chips” on field trips for their lunch and realizing that:
a) the school must take responsibility for providing lunches because parents are too busy to make them
b) nutrition wise, it is better for the children to eat at the school
c) the school could earn some extra money by having students purchase school lunches
d) parents are not smart enough to provide their children with nutritional meals

5. Israel’s Iron Dome is a:
a) missile interceptor which blocks direct hits from rockets on urban centers in Israel
b) nuclear warhead which will be used against Iran when that country obtains a nuclear weapon
c) missile launcher which targets Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip
d) bomb shelter which can protect thousands of Israelis from terrorist attacks

6. Who is helping Israel pay for the Iron Dome?
a) the United States
b) Egypt
c) the United Nations Security Council
d) Iran

7. Because of a sharp increase in price, the _______________ government is attempting to convince their citizens to eat less rice.
a) Indian
b) Malaysian
c) Chinese
d) Indonesian

8. The government tried to reduce rice consumption among their citizens with a campaign called:
a) Help Reduce the Price of Rice
b) One Day, No Rice
c) Stand Together, or Eat Alone
d) Rice is Nice, But Not the Price

9. U.S. authorities recently captured a pirate from ______________ by sending agents into that country to apprehend him:
a) Sudan
b) Libya
c) England
d) Somalia

10. The pirate apprehended by U.S. authorities was accused of:
a) taking part in the kidnapping of 4 Americans sailing across the Arabian sea
b) attempting to protect his country’s fishing territory
c) hijacking a cargo ship that was bringing arms from Iran to Gaza
d) personally murdering four Americans sailing across the Arabian sea

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