1. The Battle of Iwo Jima was a major battle in which the United States Armed Forces landed and eventually captured the island of Iwo Jima from the Japanese Imperial Army during:
a) the Japanese War
b) World War II
c) the Korean War
d) World War I

2. Joe Rosenthal’s iconic photo of U.S. soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima inspired a wave of national hope that Japanese forces would soon be crushed and peace was near. It spurred millions of Americans to buy ____________________ to keep the nation on solid financial footing.
a) cameras
b) American Flags
c) Japanese cars
d) war bonds

3. After a debilitating stroke recently, 86 year-old _________________ legend Gordie Howe had experimental adult stem-cell therapy in Tijuana, Mexico. According to his son, radiologist Dr. Murray Howe, Gordie Howe’s treatment resulted in a miraculous recovery. He said, “If you saw him now, you wouldn’t know he had a stroke.”
a) basketball
b) hockey
c) soccer
d) football

4. Dr. Howe describes his father’s overall recovery after the adult stem-cell therapy as unbelievable, astonishing, and amazing. He said, “In 28 years of medicine, I have never seen a response, a recovery, from a stroke in such a rapid time frame and such an impressive response to me that is nothing short of miraculous.” The adult stem-cell treatment Mr. Howe received has not been approved for use in the U.S. by the FDA partly because the clinical trial process is ______________________________ in the U.S. than in some other countries.
a) a shorter process
b) so much cheaper
c) more expensive
d) longer and more cautious

5. In his speech to Congress this week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the deal the Obama administration wants to make with _____________ is a bad deal because it “would not prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, it would guarantee it – lots of them.”
a) Iran
b) Russia
c) Afghanistan
d) Syria

6. Congressional Democrats were mostly  _______________________ by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech.
a) angry and insulted
b) inspired
c) concerned
d) surprised and astonished

7. Potential Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton used a personal email account when she was _______________ to conduct government business and may have violated federal requirements that officials’ correspondence be retained as part of the agency’s record.
a) first lady
b) Senator from New York
c) Secretary of State
d) Supreme Court Justice

8. In addition to using a personal email address, Mrs. Clinton also used her own:
a) hackers
b) server that she kept at her own home
c) airplane
d) security detail

9. The School Nutrition Association is a professional organization that represents school cafeteria workers as well as companies that supply food and equipment to districts. Members lobbied lawmakers to change the federal school lunch standards. They want to change all but:
a) stop further sodium reductions
b) end the mandate that students must take half-cup servings of fruit or vegetables as part of every meal
c) eliminate all sugar content in all food items served to students
d) require that only half the grains offered in school lunches and breakfasts be whole grain-rich – rather than all of them

10. The 2010 law that mandated the new federal standards for healthy school lunches is called:
a) the Michelle Obama Helping Kids Act
b) the Fat and Sugar Will Kill You Act
c) the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act
d) the Healthy Food is Delicious Act

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