1. Fourteen states held Democratic primaries on Super Tuesday. _______________ of all delegates are included in the Super Tuesday states.
a) one-quarter
b) one-third
c) one-half
d) one-fifth

2. Joe Biden was considered to be at a disadvantage in the Super Tuesday races because Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg _______________. Biden countered by saying, “I think the Democratic Party is looking for a Democrat — not a socialist, not a former Republican, but a Democrat — to be their nominee.”
a) are both younger than Biden
b) are voter favorites
c) are both older than Biden
d) spent more money and had a larger presence on the ground in the Super Tuesday states

3. Scientists in the U.S., Israel and around the world are working to quickly develop vaccines for the coronavirus. A(n) _______________ company says their vaccine could be ready in just three weeks and available for use within 90 days.
a) Iranian
b) Chinese
c) Israeli
d) British

4. The reason this company has developed a potential vaccine so quickly is because their researchers are adapting a vaccine they developed for the _______________ to work for the new coronavirus.
a) avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus (IBV)
b) swine flu
c) ebola virus
d) chicken pox

5. The FBI has launched a pilot program in _______________ to rapidly match DNA samples from felony suspects with a national database of DNA collected in unsolved crimes. Although several other states use the Rapid DNA program, this program is the first to be connected directly into the FBI’s national database.
a) New York
b) Florida
c) California
d) Texas

6. With the new Rapid DNA pilot program, a law enforcement agency will be able to get DNA test results in _______________.
a) two hours
b) two days
c) two weeks
d) two months

7. In a surprise upset, former Vice President Joe Biden won _______________ of the 14 Super Tuesday states.
a) 1
b) 5
c) 10
d) 13

8. Billionaire Mike Bloomberg spent more than half a billion dollars of his own money on advertising prior to Super Tuesday. The only race Mayor Bloomberg won was in _______________.
a) New York
b) Porto Rico
c) American Samoa
d) California

9. U.S. researchers announced Wednesday that they have started to recruit Seattle-area volunteers to participate in the first clinical trial of an experimental coronavirus _______________.
a) cure
b) treatment
c) antidote
d) vaccine

10. To be eligible to participate in the clinical trial, a person must be: (CHOOSE 2)
a) infected with the coronavirus
b) 18 to 55
c) healthy
d) from China

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