1. Joao Bernardo “Nino” Vieira, the President of the tiny West African nation Guinea-Bissau was killed early Monday morning by:
a) rebels
b) soldiers
c) Muslim terrorists
d) his ex-wife

2. The motive for President Vieira’s murder appears to be:
a) revenge for the murder of the president’s rival, Guinea-Bissau’s army chief of staff
b) anger that President Vieira refused to implement Sharia law
c) a coup attempt to gain control of Guinea-Bissau’s numerous gold mines
d) anger over the amount of time he spent at work

3. The U.S. Defense Department believes Mexico’s two most deadly drug cartels have gathered an army of _______________ “foot soldiers”
a) 100,000
b) 1,000
c) 100
d) 1 million

4. The two biggest and most violent drug cartels in Mexico appear to be negotiating a truce or merger to:
a) put an end to their illegal activities
b) withstand infiltration by the Mexican police
c) expand their criminal activities into the United States
d) defeat rivals and better withstand government pressure

5. In a secret letter to Russian President Medvedev, President Obama said the U.S. would not need to establish a missile defense system in Eastern Europe if:
a) the Russian government agrees to dispose of all of Russia’s nuclear weapons
b) the Russians will agree to never sell nuclear technology to rogue regimes
c) Russia will end its nuclear energy program in Iran
d) Russia helps the U.S. to combat the threat of a nuclear Iran

6. During the Bush administration, the U.S. established plans to install a missile defense system in:
a) Bulgaria and Romania
b) Belarus and Ukraine
c) Poland and the Czech Republic
d) Romania and the Czech Republic

7. The Supreme Court ruled this week that drug company Wyeth must pay compensation to a woman who lost her arm to gangrene caused by a botched injection of the Wyeth drug Phenergan. The drug’s warning label:
a) contained no warning that about possible gangrene or amputation
b) recommended that the safest way to administer the drug was through an IV
c) said “extreme care” was needed to avoid hitting an artery, because “likely” complications included “gangrene requiring amputation”
d) said that all methods for administering the drug were safe

8. Justice Alito wrote the dissent in the case against Wyeth, joined by Justices Roberts and Scalia. The dissenters make the point that:
a) there are too many frivolous lawsuits in the U.S. today
b) the plaintiff may well have had a strong case for medical malpractice against the physician and physician’s assistant, but not against Wyeth
c) the FDA is really to blame for approving the drug
d) there are too many drugs on the market today

9. A pink Bottlenose dolphin has been discovered in an inland lake in:
a) Wyoming
b) Missouri
c) Florida
d) Louisiana

10. The dolphin is pink because it:
a) is allergic to plankton in the water
b) is an albino
c) is used as an advertising gimmick by the charter boat captain
d) none of the above

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