1. President Trump signed the omnibus spending bill last Friday after threatening to veto it because it did not provide enough funding for the border wall or a solution for DACA recipients. The president said he signed the bill:
a) “as a way to appease congressional Democrats”
b) “as a matter of national security”
c) “as a way to appease the news media”
d) because “the border wall isn’t important to national security”

2. Going forward, to prevent future budget problems, the president called on Congress to:
a) give him line-item veto power on the budget
b) end the practice of delaying votes with filibusters
c) neither a) nor b)
d) both a) and b)

3. In what is said to be the largest collective expulsion of Russian intelligence officers in history, the U.S. and more than _______________ are joining the UK in expelling dozens of Russian diplomats in a co-ordinated response to the poisoning of a former Russian spy in the UK.
a) 2 other countries
b) 20 other countries
c) 120 other countries
d) 200 other countries

4. Russia has responded to the expulsion of their representatives:
a) with denials and threats
b) by offering to pay the father and daughter’s medical bills
c) by annexing Crimea
d) with apologies and excuses for why they had to poison them

5. The American Dental Association announced a new policy that advises dentists to prescribe opioids for a period no longer than:
a) a year
b) a month
c) a week
d) a day

6. The ADA is implementing this new policy because the organization:
a) is facing pressure from legislators to address the issue
b) recognizes that opioid overprescription is a serious public health issue
c) both a) and b)
d) neither a) nor b)

7. The state of _______________ is testing a new secure mobile voting application to help active-duty military members vote and will expand the program to every county if it is successful.
a) California
b) New Mexico
c) West Virginia
d) Texas

8. By using a voting app, the state is the _______________ to test out a blockchain-based application to administer a federal election.
a) 50th
b) 25th
c) first
d) last

9. The U.S. Department of Defense marked the first anniversary of National Vietnam Veterans Day with a wreath-laying ceremony at _______________ in Washington, D.C. on Thursday.
a) the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
b) the Washington Monument
c) Arlington National Cemetery
d) the Victims of Communism Memorial

10. More than _______________ organizations across the country commemorated National Vietnam War Veterans Day on Thursday.
a) 11
b) 111
c) 1,100
d) 11,000

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